How Long Does It Take To Port A Number (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Working Days

Porting numbers will take at least three working days if you are porting from one operator to the other within the same circle but, if you are porting to another Licensed Area then it will take at least five days. The porting option has been made so that people using one type of operator could switch to the other one easily. The process takes some time but in the end porting is done successfully. A customer might not like one operator and therefore that unsatisfied customer can now have the option to switch to another just by going through some simple steps.

How Long Does It Take To Port A Number

How Long Does It Take To Port A Number?

PortingTime Taken
From one operator within the same LSA3 working days
From one operator to another but different LSA5 working days

In short, you have to wait at least a week for porting taking into consideration both the above situations. The option of porting from one operator to another has been made so that customers can get the best satisfaction out of the telecommunication sectors conducting their businesses in India or other countries.

However, in some cases porting can take a long time say up to 7-10 working days. Well, that is not a rare case but there are some cases where porting took about 4 weeks which is quite a rare one. Whenever you want to port from one operator to the other then there is a delaying process from the responder and this is why porting could take up to one week or more.

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However, the responder does not directly accept your request for porting because there were some cases where people did not get a timely response from their service providers. In case, this kind of situation arises you should make sure that you contact them to start the porting process as soon as possible.

Before you want to port your number you have to submit your required documents to the new service provider. Many times people do not provide the necessary details on time and then ultimately it is they who have to suffer.

Why Does It Take That Long To Port A Number?

Well, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) the porting process should be completed within three days time but that is not the case every time. There are times when your responder does not respond on time and there are delays for porting the number and that could take up to 7-10 days of time or even more than that.

Other than that if there is a mistake in the documentation process then it would create more delays and harassment. In the end, it is you who have to suffer because during the porting process you cannot make calls or conduct any phone calling businesses.

However, some ports are not the same because there are options like ‘simple port’ and things like that. If you have several calling options or features like call groups, forwarding, or some kind of special voicemail services then in that case it will cause more delays. You need to contact your new service provider to know more details about the criteria and other requirements. It is always a better option to know all the details beforehand by doing some homework. Do some research as to which service provider is the best and has the best services in terms of porting numbers and then choose the right operator.

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In the end, you need to have knowledge about the new service provider that you want to port your number. If you know when and what to do then it will be easy for both you and also your service provider to make the porting process much faster. Make sure nothing has been submitted wrongly to the service providers because that would be difficult to port your number. Check all the details before and then submit the documents carefully. Contact the service provider if necessary and ask for all the required details so that you know the things beforehand.

You have to conduct your daily business no matter what problem you are facing. Phone calls, texting, video calling, and other such kinds of stuff are important parts of a smartphone. Since porting takes time you have to do it properly to avoid any kind of hindrances.


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