How Long Is A Social Security Number (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Nine Digits

Social Security Number is given to the permanent U.S citizens and people who are working there under section 205(c)(2). Immigrants who are working there can also apply for the nine digits number under certain criteria. This act comes under the Social Security Act. The Social Security Administration assigns nine digits of Social Security numbers to the people of the U.S under the United States government.

The main objective of this number is to have a track of accounts of residents due to some security reasons. Through the Social Security number, the government of the U.S maintains the record of taxes paid by the individuals.

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How Long Is A Social Security Number?

The social Security Number is designed in a specific structure. Its structure format is – AAA-GG-SSSS. Initially, it was SSA which was converted to SSN on 25 June 2011. The issued SSN cannot be reused once it is issued to the resident of the U.S.

Since this scheme has commenced more than 450 million numbers have been issued. Some people might obtain the same security numbers but they can be sorted in the administration quarters. There are no charges applicable for applying for the security card.

However, one needs to submit all the required documents along with the application form. Even if you misplace or lose your security card, you can again apply for it. All the required information regarding the security card and the number is available on the Social Security administrative website.

As the SSA turned to SSN, many things affected its procedure. It eradicated the geographical importance of the area number. It is no longer reflects the residence of the applicant in any particular region. Other than that it also dismissed the significance of the Highest group numbers for each area number.

The Security Number consists of three diverse parts with different digits. Here is the table to know about the background of nine digits.

Different Sets Digits Known As
First Set3 digitsArea Number
Second Set2 digitsGroup Number
Final Set (Third)4 digitsSerial Number

Why Does A Social Security Number Is So Long?

The Social Security Number is comprised of nine different digits. These nine digits are segmented into three separate parts – Area number, Group number, and Serial number. These nine digits have distinct characters and applications.

There is a classical structure and consequence of the three distinct divisions of the Social Security Number. Before 1972, the Social Security offices distributed cards in disparate lands of the nation. The Area number exhibits the terrestrial area of the state.

Now the area number of the SSN  narrates the ZIP code for mailing address purposes. This data is rendered on the primary card of Social Security. The residence location doesn’t have to be similar to the mailing address.

In a nutshell, it does not represent the permanent residents of the applicant in the nation. The two digits in the center of the Social Security Number are known as Group Number. From 01 to 99, and two numerals can be given as a group number in any pattern.

While locating the group number, groups of odd numbers and even number patterns are accompanied by the government employees. The ultimate set of the Social Security Number is known as  Serial number. The end four digits of the SSN are designated in a continuous manner from 0001 to 9999.


It is a simple task to attain your Social Security Number. Get your Social Security card, there you will get your nine digits Social Security Number. There are diverse other places where one can perceive his SSN. Bank account statements, tax returns documents, W-2s, etc these are some of the common places where one can see SSN. 

Even Immigrants can apply for SSN while filing the entreaty form for an Immigrant visa or alien registration. Form DS-230 and Form DS- 260 are the two application forms where you will get an option in both forms for attaining SSN. It will save your time and proceeding would go smoothly.



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