How Long Does A Growler Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A Growler Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-2 weeks

A growler is a jug that may be made up of glass, stainless steel, or ceramic that is used to transport beer. However, once the bottle is opened then the beer should be consumed within one or two weeks because air could replace the beer that is present inside the jug.

You want the beer to be perfect and you need to follow some steps to consume the best quality beer. These bottles are available in the stores and customers can purchase and enjoy them at their homes. The growler has a history because the presence of it has been known to mankind since the 1800s when some kids used to transport beer to make some extra money.

How Long Does A Growler Last

How Long Can A Growler Last?

Air Tight or unsealedMore than a week or two.
If kept air tight with carbon dioxide filledMuch longer than two weeks.
Once openedThe beer is fresh for at least 36 hours.

A growler when opened should be consumed within one or two weeks. But, if a growler is kept in its best-sealed position then you can expect it to last much longer at least several days. This means that opening the air that gets contacted with the beer does not allow it to last much longer and therefore the beer should be consumed within a week or two.

From the above table, we can see that a growler when it is unopened can be stored for a long time but when it is opened then it is best recommended to consume it before it starts spoiling. However, some bartender fills up these growlers with carbon dioxide in them which could last much longer than the other two situations mentioned above.

The growler bottles are dark in colour because it helps protect the beer from the exposure of light. When you are on the way home after purchasing a growler the dark colour of the bottle will not allow passing any light and this will keep the beer fresh. However, once the bottle is opened the beer is fresh for about 36 hours and then it would begin to lose its taste and flavour.

Growlers could be refilled because cleaning the growler is easy too. You just have to rinse it with hot water as soon as you are done with it. Try not to keep it dirty for too long after use because the growler becomes dingy.

Why Does It Take That Long For A Growler To Last?

Growlers last for one-two weeks because they are sensitive to air and light. Growlers are made dark in colour only for that reason itself so that the beer inside does not get spoilt. However, the beer inside once opened stays fresh for at least 36 hours before the taste and the flavour of the beer starts to deteriorate.

It is not easy to handle growlers if you do not have enough idea about it. So it is always a good option to seek help from a bartender who will suggest you some options to keep the growler at its best position. Bartender puts carbon dioxide to purge oxygen from the growler will help protect the beer from getting oxidised and therefore keeps the beer at its best. Make sure your beer does not go to waste if you are uninformed about the product. Try to store it properly if you plan to open it later with your friends and family.


In the end, you want the best quality beer whether it is canned or the bottled one. However, you should be able to keep the beer fresh by keeping it under proper storage because you will not want your guests to be complaining about the beer that you serve them during an occasional day.

Beer lovers will love the growler experience because it is a somewhat trendy style that most people would prefer and the bottle is also somewhat classy in a style which could also be kept for later use. There is also an option to get your growler refilled which is another experience for growler owners. There too are some steps and precautions that one should follow to keep the beer at its best quality.


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