How Long Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 hours

The breakfast menu of McDonald’s runs for around 6 hours every day. It starts from 5 am in the morning and stays till 11 am. All the restaurants that open for 24 hours do start their breakfast menu from 5 am mostly. The time to enjoy McDonald’s delicious breakfast menu with pancakes and muffins is quite limited.

There will be no relaxation, so try to grab the breakfast meal before 11 am. Before 2019, the closing time for breakfast at McDonald’s was 10 am and now extra 30 minutes is added. McDonald’s has both dine-in and home delivery options. You can search the nearest McDonald in your area and then do order from there.

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How Long Does McDonalds Serve Breakfast?

McDonalds Breakfast Timings How Long Does McDonalds Serve Breakfast
In week days (except friday)6 hours
In weekends (only on friday)6 hours and 30 minutes

The serving time of breakfast by McDonald’s is quite fixed. Initially, McDonald started their breakfast meal with sandwiches and muffins. Their Egg McMuffin is the reason behind their renowned breakfast meal. The breakfast timing of McDonald’s would vary depending on the location. Some locations may start at 5 am while others may begin at 6 am.

The weekend’s timing may be different as well. On Friday, the McDonald’s breakfast would be served to the people till 11:30 am. Now, there is a lot of changes in McDonald Menu. It has egg & cheese biscuits, bacon, and McMuffin. The McMuffin is available with both egg and sausage.  These are the basic food items that McDonald’s includes in its menu.

Some locations may have different menus depending on the place. There may be some places where bacon is not allowed. There are many other foods such as oatmeal and hotcakes. McDonald’s is a great place for the breakfast combos that you can choose on your own.

Another great reason to go for McDonald’s is that they show all the ingredients on the menu. The person can easily know about any allergic ingredients in the food by checking the menu card. The person before visiting the McDonald’s restaurant can call the restaurant for clarity about the timings.

Why Does McDonalds Serve Breakfast This Long?

The timings and treatment of McDonald’s are the same everywhere. If you visit McDonald’s in California or in India, the experience will be almost similar. McDonald’s is a franchise-owned business where the owner decides the menu and time. The time of breakfast is till 11 am as the lunch has to start around 11 am.

This breakfast time is decided to serve many people in that time span without taking the time of lunch. There are some McDonalds that serve breakfast till 10:30 am. It depends on the convenience of the people and the preference of the owner. The franchise owner has independent rights to decide the starting and ending times of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s stays open for almost 24 hours and this is another reason for starting the breakfast this early. People can always come to McDonald’s for food at any time. Therefore, the restaurant should maintain a uniform time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast can’t be served for a long time as the universal holding cabinet would be full all the time.

It will be difficult to store the food items for breakfast and lunch together in the UHC. If the franchise owner chooses to serve the breakfast after 11 am, then it’s completely fine. Normally, the breakfast time for all the restaurants is 7 am. McDonald’s runs for 24 hours and it’s vital for them to start breakfast early to not disappoint people.


The McDonald’s breakfast time depends on the locality and owner of the franchise. You can always check the breakfast menu of McDonald’s by visiting their official site. The McDonald’s will be closed on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. Everyone can enjoy the foods of McDonald’s on New Year’s Day.

Sometimes, the timings of McDonald’s are fixed depending on the profits of the business. McDonald’s breakfast menu and timing can change with time and the preference of people.


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