How Long Do Supreme Court Justices Serve (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 65 years

The Supreme Court judge is appointed following different rules and regulations. The Supreme Court justices are appointed by the president of India and can retire after reaching the age of 65. There are some data which stated that the supreme judges can serve for their whole life. They can retire from their position according to the law.

The justices of the Supreme Court have the freedom to make their own decisions, but not for retirement. You can take the year of retirement to be 65 years. The Supreme Court can serve the nation or state for around 65 years on average.

How Long Do Supreme Court Justices Serve


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How Long Do Supreme Court Justices Serve?

Justice Of CourtAge Of Retirement
High Court62 years
Supreme Court65 years

The Supreme Court is considered the highest power and degree court (with the highest power). The court would be capable of judicial review which not nay another type of court has. Being the judicial body of the country Supreme Court has the power to reject any appeal not falling under the criteria of justice.

The decision of the Supreme Court is final and couldn’t be reverted back. The justices of the Supreme Court can serve the nation for around 65 years. The time is fixed keeping many things in my eyes. The justices need to retire in order to give a new opportunity to someone else.

Just like other services, Supreme Court justices have to retire at a specific age. No job would be for a lifetime if you’re becoming a justice (or judge) of any type of court. The Supreme Court of India has some specific guidelines and rules that should be strictly followed by the justices. The maximum number of justices a Supreme Court can have is around 34.

No court can exceed the number in any chance. The Supreme Court is considered the apex court of India. The Supreme Court deals with the verdict against many other courts (high courts and others). The decision of the Supreme Court is taken as the final decision for any case. Supreme Court works entirely for protecting the rights (fundamental) of the citizens.

The justices of the Supreme Court should serve the nation with honesty and keep justice in the eye. The justice should be removed from the position if any inconvenience is caused by them. For any breach or cheating, the justice would have to leave their chair (position). Therefore, some justice will have to leave the position without retiring.

Why Do Supreme Court Justices Serve This Long?

The retirement of Supreme Court justices is done based on many amendments and laws. The Supreme Court justices have to hold the position for around 65 years. No justice is allowed to run the court after 65 years. The justice may be removed before the retirement age if any fault is found in his working ethics. Justice has to fully sport the idea of just and fairness.

The justice shaves to represent the values and ethics of mankind through their judgment. The retirement age of justice is fixed by the law. The president takes the charge of appointing the judges of the Supreme Court. The justices have some special power. The Chief justice should not be involved in any type of activity that goes against the law.

Any such attempt would push the chief justice under the chances of being removed. The Supreme Court has ancillary powder and the power to issue writs. There are many criteria to be fulfilled before appointing the justice of the Supreme Court. The Constitution of India focuses on many things to make the justices of the Supreme Court independent.


The justices of the Supreme Court would not retire before attaining the age of 65. Similarly, for the High court, the age of retirement is 62 years. The justices should do their job keeping justice as the core weapon. The justices and judges of the courts are appointed after completing the required criteria under the law.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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