How Long Is The Constitution (And Why)?

How Long Is The Constitution (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 146,385 words

A constitution is a legal document that contains many fundamental principles. The length of the constitution would be different for all the countries. The length of the US constitution is around 4,543 words whereas the Indian constitution would be around 146,385 words. The constitution of India is taken as the biggest and lengthiest constitution in the whole world.

Sometimes, the fundamental principles or established precedents are written in different sets of legal documents. These are termed written constitutions. If all the principles are written in one single legal document, then it is termed as a codified constitution.

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How Long Is The Constitution?

Constitution How Long Is The Constitution
Constitution of Albania13,826 words
Constitution of Angola27,181 words
Constitution of Australia17,318 words
Constitution of Belgium16,119 words
Constitution of India4,543 words
Constitution of Finland12,640 words
Constitution of France10,180 words
Constitution of Georgia11,490 words
Constitution of Ghana53,985 words

The constitution would cover and concern many organizations. It may concern companies, sovereign countries, and many unincorporated associations. If a treaty explains how the particular organization is constituted then it would act as the constitution of the organization. For the states, the constitution would lead down all the principles on which the states are based.

The constitution would explain all the procedures in which the laws for the states are enacted. The constitution would also cover who has made the laws. Many constitutions put some limitations on the state. The constitution contains fundamental rights, and no ruler can go beyond the limit.

This means, for all the codified constitutions, the state power is limited to the lines of fundamental rights. The length of the constitution of Monaco is 3,814 words. It is the shortest constitution in the world. San Marino has the world’s oldest constitution, which is active since 1600.

The constitution of San Marino is a written constitution that is written in different legal documents. The United States has the oldest constitution, which falls under the codified constitution category. Constitutio is a Latin word that brings the name constitution. The word “constitutio” represents orders and regulations.

The word constitution was also used in many different laws such as canon law. The constitution is very important for any organization as it would describe the purpose of the organization. The structure for any organization is provided by the constitution.

The constitution also covers the responsibilities, duties, and guidelines for the members associated with the organization. The constitution provides fundamental rights to individuals or citizens. These rights cover the right to equality, freedom of speech and expression, right to life, and right against exploitation.

There are many other rights that are given under the fundamental rights of the constitution. These fundamental rights work as the backbone of the country or state.

Why Is The Constitution This Long?

Different states or countries cover different parts and rights in the constitution. Therefore, the length of the constitution is not fixed. All the constitutions have tried their best to include the possible orders and regulations to make a perfect constitution. Some constitution-makers may have taken some salient features of other countries.

Some constitution includes the signature just like the constitution of the US. This would increase the length of the constitution. The Indian constitution has 395 articles with 8 schedules that require a lot of pages to be written. New schedules are also added to the constitution.

Many elements are taken from different constitutions of many countries to incorporate in the Indian Constitution. All these additions of elements would make the constitution of India extremely vast and lengthy.

The constitution even binds the government. The whole country or state is bound to follow and obey the rules and principles of the constitution. All the countries working structure is quite different. Therefore, the length of the constitution would not be the same. As not all countries require the same precedents or principles.


The length of the largest constitution would be 146,385 words. This is the constitution of India with 25 parts. Incorporating all the codes, duties, rights and rules increases the length of the constitution. The Indian constitution is divided into many parts with articles. The articles are referred by the organization to follow the rules and regulations.

The constitutions represent almost everything about how a country, organization, or state works.


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