How Long Does MDMA Stay In Your System (And Why)?

How Long Does MDMA Stay In Your System (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Week To 3 Months

There are different things a person chooses to kill their time. Some choose entertainment, while some choose another way, which can be quite illegal. One way which is completely illegal in many countries is using drugs. Drugs can be used properly for medicinal purposes, but some people get addicted to them and use them for the wrong purposes, like for relaxing, since drugs have that intoxicating effect on anyone who consumes them. They are great stimulants and they can increase euphoria. Another thing that determines if they are good for the person who consumes drugs, is how much they consume them.

The most popular drugs of them all include marijuana, CBD, and ecstasy, which is also called MDMA or molly. Though marijuana and CBD can be used for medicinal purposes, Molly is not a known medicinal drug, and there is exactly no known medicinal purpose for molly. Just like every other drug, when one takes molly, the physical and chemical effects stay in their system for a while. To find out the level of consumption and if the drug is in the system, one can take a drug test.

Many things determine how long the effects of molly stay in the system, like the body of the consumer, the potency of the drug, and the amount of drug consumed. Molly is a club drug and can be dangerous if taken beyond limits. It is necessary to know the amount of consumption, or else it could lead to disastrous consequences.

How Long Does MDMA Stay In Your System?

Areas of the bodyTime
Blood and Saliva1 to 2 days
Urine1 to 4 days
Hair1 week to 3 months

MDMA, also chemically called 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, molly and ecstasy is an illegal drug sold without the knowledge of the government in many countries, that contains both hallucinogenic and stimulant characteristics. Their stimulant characteristics even overpower their hallucinogenic characteristics, and because of that, they are also considered as a club drug. They give people euphoria that lasts for a while, because of that, they also increase the body temperature and the energy of the body, and the drug even messes up with the brain and heightens the emotions.

Though they should not be taken regularly, when taken, they can stay in the system for a very long time. Molly is a Schedule 1 controlled substance because it doesn’t have any sort of medicinal use, known to mankind until now and it is a drug, which has a very high level of potency in it, so people who consume it are easily addicted to them, and start abusing the drug.

Why Does MDMA Stay In Your System That Long?

The drug is available in various forms and is manufactured in clandestine labs. In those labs, they are packed up into capsules or made into tablets or powders, and the potency of the drug can vary based on different factors.

After taking the drug, though the chemical effects last in the body for a day or so, the effects of the drug last in the system for a while. How long and how much ecstasy lasts can be found by administering a drug test. According to researchers, MDMA stays in the blood for around 2 days and MDMA can show up in the drug test if the urine is tested after 2 days of consuming MDMA.


It also stays in the saliva for around 2 days and though it doesn’t stay long anywhere in the body, it can stay in the hair for over 3 months, around 90 days to be exact. When one consumes molly, they will experience an increase in energy, emotional warmth, distortion of senses, and many others.

When one takes molly, it affects the sleep and appetite of the person, and it also has the effect of elevating the mood. MDMA boosts the consumer’s energy, and even when one dances the whole night consuming this club drug, they will not even experience the fatigue, though the effects will wear off in the morning and then one will certainly feel the pain.


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