How Long Does Molly Stay In Your System (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two to three days

Molly can be described as a drug with stimulating and hallucinating properties on humans after its consumption. The word, “Molly” is a commonly used slang term for 3,4-Methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine. Clearly, it is not an easy term to remember and pronounce and needs good slang for day-to-day human activities.

Molly has great demand and is greatly sought after among American millennials and young adults. It is used for purposes of recreation and some of its expected influences on humans and the mind include heightened pleasure, emotion, feelings of empathy, and an increase in energy. It is also referred to as Ecstasy or MDMA.

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How Long Does Molly Stay In Your System?

Timeline of Molly’s Stay in BodyTime after consumption
Time for drug absorption in the bodyHalf an hour
Effects of MDMA become visibleAfter thirty minutes
Effects of Molly peakTwo hours
Effects of MDMA ceaseSix hours
Molly is expelled out of the systemTwo to three days

The molly is absorbed in the human body after half an hour of its entry into the human body. During this drug absorption stage, there are rarely any visible effects of the drug till the drug is absorbed into the body through the intestines. The effects of molly are visible to the human body after half an hour when the drug is filtered to the blood in the body through the intestines.

The effects of the drug peak at two hours from its consumption. At the effects maturity stage, the body experiences increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, increased energy levels, and elevated mood. Besides these, there are also negative effects like excessive sweating, body chills, nausea, chills, and blurred eyesight.

However, the effects of molly begin to decline after six hours of drug consumption. After the effects decline stage, the drugged person mostly faces effects like memory loss, changes in mood, depression, and a loss in appetite.

Although the effects of ecstasy cease after six hours, it may still be in the body for a day or two. It may be expelled in two to three days of its intake in the body.

Why Does Molly Last So Long In Your System?

Every item which enters the human body spends a certain amount of time in the body. No food leaves the system as soon as it enters. Every site whether it is food, medicine, or drugs spends a couple of days in the body, particularly in the human food track before getting expelled.

When the molly enters the system, it gets to the intestine in approximately half an hour passing through the esophagus and stomach. From the intestines, it gets filtered in the body to the blood. When the blood passes through the kidneys after some time, it gets filtered and the molly gets expelled out of the body.

As can be inferred, this process takes a certain time and so, molly lasts for a couple of days in the human body.

The time for which the drug stays in a body depends on the rate of metabolization. The rate of metabolization, in turn, depends on a number of factors, particularly, the amount of molly ingested, and the person’s characteristics like age, weight, and height. In addition to these, the liver and kidney health of the person, the two organs most impacted by drug consumption, are also a factor in the length of molly’s life in the system.


The timeline of Molly’s stay and the resultant effects in the body can be categorized into five distinct phases. These are the drug absorption phase, effects introduction stage, effects maturity stage, effects decline stage, and the drug expulsion stage.

The drug takes thirty minutes to be absorbed into the blood, its effects start to show up after this, the effects peak at two hours of the consumption which ceases after six hours and molly is expelled after two to three days of consumption.

The drug undergoes through the normal food track as any other food or medicine. It gets absorbed in the blood from the intestines after ingestion, passes through the kidney, and gets expelled from the body.



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