How Long Should I Water My Lawn (And Why)?

How Long Should I Water My Lawn (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 – 30 Minutes

Understanding how long and how deeply to water the lawn is quite tricky. Watering the lawn is one of the important things to do if one wants them sporting beautifully. If one water’s it lightly, the lawn may become patchy and dry. If the water is too much, the lawn will be prone to rot and disease.

Although watering seems like an easy task, one must follow a proper strategy to avoid spoiling the lawn. The average lean needs watering at least 3 times a week to make it look fresher. Also, it protects the lawn from changing weather conditions.

How Long Should I Water My Lawn

How Long Should I Water My Lawn?

Watering LawnDuration
Per Week3 times 
Watering lawn time20 minutes 

The answer to this question depends on the local weather patterns. Lawns need to be watered for 15 minutes twice per week, but the frequency may change depending on drought conditions or heat spells.

One can tell if the lawn needs watering by looking for areas where the blades of grass turn light and feel soft to walk on. Areas like water pools and muddy spots may also indicate that watering is required. 

If one cannot judge, then err on the side of watering less than more because too much water or irrigation can cause fungal growth, algae blooms, and weed problems. Aim for 20 minutes 3 times a week which should be sufficient to keep average grass healthy unless it is extremely hot or dry outside. 

One doesn’t need to spray all day long since it will just traffic mud back onto the driveway and patio furniture as they shovel dirt onto it later.

Watering can ensure that the grass has enough water during hot days and droughts, which will help keep the lawn healthy and green without the use of harmful pesticides. To measure how one should water, monitor the lawn’s appearance throughout the day following rainfall or watering to see any dry patches. 

When the dry patches start forming after heavy rains or after watering, it indicates excessive irrigation. Scale back watering to one time per week (or every other week) until they disappear again before returning to three times.

Why Would Watering Lawn Take So Long?

There are different methods to watering lawns, but the best way is an outdoor hose. The downside is that this requires time at two points in the day: filling up the hose with water and letting it flow out. 

This can take about 20 minutes or more each session to get it all done properly, especially if people aren’t doing anything else during their housework like vacuuming or washing dishes.

The good news is that in addition to saving time by not being outside when it’s hot or cold outside–so long as one has a faucet nearby–some models of automatic sprinkler systems are designed, so they don’t need constant hand-watering. 

The first reason it takes a long time to water the lawn would be the sheer amount of water needed. The best time to water the lawn is in the early morning hours, when moisture levels in the soil are highest. 

Evening dew at night keeps dampening or drying out any areas watered during the day, so water the lawn before dawn for best performance.

Another best time to water the lawn is when the soil is dry. At this point, people want to water it so that the roots in the ground can absorb some of this moisture before rainfall occurs to refill their sources. 

One way to determine whether or not it’s time to water the lawn is by checking the lawn. If the grass doesn’t bend down with weight, then there’s a good chance that it needs some watering.


If the place doesn’t get enough rain between spring and fall, one might need to water the lawn. Watering the proper amount of water is also critical because overdoing it is harmful to the environment.

To know whether the water is perfect, do a screwdriver test by showing it on the lawn. If the blade easily plunges into the earth for 6 inches, the watering is enough. If it doesn’t, then the one needs to water it properly. One can also use the shovel, in the same way, to determine whether the grass is getting the right amount of water.


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