How Long Does Olive Oil Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Olive Oil Last (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 24 Months

The life span of olive oil is up to 24 months. It depends on the packaging of the olive oil. There is some manufactured olive oil that will last up to 18 months, as they are extra virgin olive oil. The regular olive oil will last up to 2 years (24 months). There are many signs that come once the olive oil starts getting expired.

There are some specific ways in which you can store your olive oil to make it last longer.

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How Long Does Olive Oil Last?

Types of olive oilHow long does olive oil last
Extra virgin olive oilUp to 18 months
Regular Olive oilUp to 24 months

Olive oil is prepared using olive fruit. Every fruit has its own shelf life. Olive oil shelf time depends on various factors such as the following:
Type of olive oil- Mainly, there are two types of olive oil. These are regular olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil may have a smaller shelf life, as compared to regular olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is prepared without any chemical process. Many people prefer extra virgin olive oil, as it is prepared with some good qualities that will be beneficial for your health.

Manufacturing factors- The way olive oil is manufactured plays a huge role in determining the shelf life of olive oil. There are many manufacturers of olive oil present in the market. It depends on them how they manufacture the olive oil and what processes they use to make it. All these factors would affect the shelf life of the olive oil. Bad manufacturing of olive oil will have a short life span.

Storage- Storing the olive oil in cool and dry is necessary. The storage of olive oil plays a huge role in its shelf life. The olive oil is supposed to be kept in a dark place to make it survive for a longer time.

All these factors influence how long does olive oil last. Some other factors such as the olive oil brands and their properties will also affect the shelf life of the olive oil. The health benefits of olive oil are many but come when you use it properly.

Why Does Olive Oil Last This Long?

The shelf life of olive oil entirely depends on the type of olive oil you are using. To make the olive oil last for a long time, some methods are used. Sometimes, the olive oil may become rancid due to a lack of care. The olive oil becomes sour in taste due to improper storage problems. The olive oil needs to be stored in a dry and dark place to prevent much light exposure.

Too much light exposure could cause the olive oil to oxidize. The olive oil gets oxidize with much exposure to light. This oxidization of olive oil will make it form peroxide. The peroxide needs to be decamped and hence, making the olive oil rancid. The olive oil is prepared using the oil extracted from the olives. The fruit is crushed to make the olive paste.

Then the oil is taken out from the olives and the olive oil is prepared is extracted. The olive oil is made with natural processes mostly. This is the reason for the shelf life of the olive oil. The olive fruit’s oil can’t stay more than 2 years, as this is the average shelf life of the oil. If you take care of the storage of olive oil, then it may last more than 2 years.

It’s always vital to check the expiry date of the olive oil you are going to use. Every olive oil brand may have a different shelf life, according to the ingredients used for the preparation.


The quality of olive oil will decide the shelf life of olive oil. The better quality of olive oil will last for a longer time. There are many brands that provide low-quality olive oil. Those low-quality olive oils will last for a shorter time, as compared to top-quality olive oil.

You can prepare your own high-quality olive oil at your home by following the preparation method properly.



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