How Long Does Car Paint Take To Dry (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 24 hours

The car paints would take around 24 hours to dry. The type and application of car paint would influence its drying time. There are many preparation steps that someone should do before painting the car. The car-size and paint material would play a huge role in predicting the drying time of the car paints.

The bigger cars would take more time to get dry than the smaller car. The composition of the paints would also affect the drying time of the car paints. No one should wash the car for 2 weeks after the application of car paint is done. Some paints may take more than 48 hours.

How Long Does Car Paint Take To Dry


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How Long Does Car Paint Take To Dry?

Car PaintTime
In hours24 hours
In days1 day

The car painting process would take a lot of time. There are many things that everyone can do to make the car’s paint dry faster. People can reduce the thickness of the car’s paint to make it dry faster. Everyone should avoid putting many layers of paint if they want to make it dry faster.

There is some heating equipment that would make the car paint dry faster. If someone wants to use a hairdryer for drying the car paint, then the person should maintain some distance from the car. Using the heating equipment too near to the car may damage the paint.

After the car painting process is over, everyone needs to keep the car in a ventilated area. Ventilation would help in faster cooling of the paint. Everyone should check the instructions given on the packaging of the car paint. Some paints may have faster-drying qualities than the other car paints.

You should choose top-quality car paints as they would dry perfectly in very little time. It’s always better to allow the car paints to dry on their own. Using heating equipment may reduce the shine of car paints. The weather would also affect the drying time of the car paints.

In winters, car paints may not dry faster due to cold climatic conditions. Summers are the best month for allowing the car paints to dry on their own. The car paints would dry faster if they get natural heat or hot air.

Dirt and dust would not allow the car to get a perfect finish after the car painting is done. Therefore, people should avoid keeping the car in any area where dust particles are present in the environment.

Why Does Car Paint Take This Long To Dry?

There are many types of cars and car paints available in the market. The drying time of the car paints would depend on their composition and formulation. There are many car paints that bring different types of shine and looks to the cars. People should apply the correct paint for the car as not all the paints would be good for a single car.

Using incorrect materials for the car painting process would slow down the car paint’s drying time. People can use masking tape, sprayer, and smoother to do the painting process correctly for faster drying of paints. The number of coating done to the car would also influence the drying time.

Each paint coating would take around 20 to 30 minutes for getting dry. Some coating may take more than 60 minutes to get dry. After the car paints get dry, people should try not to use soap and brushes for washing the car. Everyone should use a soft cloth and normal water to maintain the quality of the car paint.

After the car is painted, people should avoid keeping the car in wet places. Moisture or rain can destroy the application of paint on the car. People should avoid touching the car after the paint application.


The car paints drying time would depend on the type and quality of the paints. The low-quality paints would take more time to dry due to weak formulation. The finishing of the top-quality car paints would be better than the low-quality car paints.

Everyone should follow the correct steps for painting the car. Following incorrect paints would not allow the car paints to dry properly. Some cars may take around 80 hours for drying fully after a car painting process.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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