How Long Does Pizza Last In The Fridge (And Why)?

How Long Does Pizza Last In The Fridge (And Why)?

Exact Answer : 3 to 4 Days

Pizza is a perfect meal, last-minute party saver, a good mid-night snack, stomach-filling food. There is absolute love in everyone’s heart for pizza. It is one of that food item that can be eaten with anyone at any time. Sometimes, we bought more pizza than we wanted. Everyone has experienced this, once in his life. One can easily store his leftover pizza slices and extra pizza in the fridge.

Pizza can last for 3- 4 days if it is stored in the fridge in an air-tight container. Air containers will help in evading air circulation around the pizza. Unnecessary air circulation around the pizza makes it go smelly quickly outside the fridge. Don’t throw away your leftover pizza, store it in your fridge. If you are storing it in the freezer then it can last for 3-4 months. But it is better to finish it within 2-3 days.

How Long Does Pizza Last In The Fridge

How Long Does Pizza Last In The Fridge?

Pizza is completely safe even after storing it for 2-3 days in the fridge. It stays fresh and tasty for up to four days in the fridge. One can have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well for the next day. Food safety experts say that it is safe to have fridge-stored pizza for the next two days. Make sure that when you take it out from the fridge, reheat it in your oven or microwave.

For maintaining the nutritional value and taste of your pizza stored it by wrapping foil paper. The fridge is designed to maintain the temperature at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is completely safe for the pizza.

The lasting period of the pizza depends upon its nature and type. Chicken contained pizzas rotted quickly, it hardly lasts for 1-2 days in the fridge. While frosted pizzas, delivered pizzas, and vegan pizzas last for a long time. Check the period in the below table. This table will provide you an idea about the time duration of its lasting.

Type Of Pizza In The Fridge
Delivered Pizza3-4 days
Frozen Pizza3-4 days, if heated
Vegan Pizza3-4 days

Why Does Pizza Last That Long In The Fridge?

If you are failed to finish your whole pizza and are confused about whether to store it in the fridge or not. You can store the Pizza in a fridge to prolong its life shell for eating it later. Don’t keep it at your room temperature for more than two hours. After two hours, pizza will get hard, it may not good for eating. Fresh food is necessary to prevent various health risks.

It will simply take 5 minutes to shift the pizza from the box into an air-tight container. Don’t make your money go in the drain by storing its cardboard box. If you have plastic wrap then wrap the pizza tightly. That’s it and now place it in the fridge for enjoying it later.That is why it is good to store pizza in the fridge than to keep it at room temperature.At room temperature, harmful pathogens are born easily.


Zero degrees Fahrenheit temperature in the fridge prevents bacteria growth. But keep in mind that bacteria start rising if it is kept for a long period. Make sure to check it timely and finish it before its expiry.


All food items including pizza can last for a certain period if the items are stored properly. Food items can stay fresh till their expiration date. Don’t forget to put the pizza in the fridge before hitting the bed. Other than that the smell and texture of the pizza can tell its condition.

Though pizza can be eaten after storing it in the fridge for 3 to 4 days but avoid taking any risk for your health. Not every individual needs to have the same metabolism. It may satisfy some people or may not to some. It would be a much better option to order a fresh new pizza for yourself. Eat fresh and healthy to avoid any kind of food-borne illness.


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