How Long To Cook Pizza Rolls (And Why)?

How Long To Cook Pizza Rolls (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 15 minutes

Homemade pizza rolls would not take much time. The pizza rolls would be ready in 10 to 15 minutes depending on the quantity. The recipe followed by each person is different, and the time required would vary accordingly. The thickness and additional ingredients used in pizza rolls would make a huge impact.

The pizza rolls are prepared in the microwave. Therefore, the baking time would be very less. Many people use an air fryer for making pizza rolls, and this would have a different procedure. The directions for cooking pizza rolls would be mentioned in the packaging.

The pizza rolls are frozen packed foods, and these are extremely easy to cook. These pizza rolls are available in a lot of flavors.

How Long To Cook Pizza Rolls

How Long To Cook Pizza Rolls?

Pizza RollsHow Long To Cook Pizza Rolls
In microwaveUp to 15 minutes
In Air-fryerUp to 15 minutes

The pizza rolls are designed to get cooked in very little time in the oven or microwave. The pizza rolls could be found in different types of brands. This is due to the reason that pizza roll’s original brand is protected under trademark. No other brand could use a similar brand name due to trademark protection.

There are many companies that offer vegan and non-GMO variations of pizza rolls. After the pizza rolls are cooked, the person should not thaw them at room temperature.

The pizza rolls, if kept at room temperature for a long time may make it go bad very early. If kept outside for a long time, then the pizza rolls would develop bacterial growth very easily. The pizza rolls require a cold temperature as they would not stay fresh in the hot climatic condition.

The cooking time of the pizza rolls would also get affected by the way the person cooks them. Some people like to deep fry the pizza rolls. If someone cooks the pizza rolls in the microwave, then the cooking time would be very less.

If someone wants to cook the cheese-flavored pizza rolls, then the person has to make sure the cheese melts properly. The cheese would take time to get melted and this may take around 10 to 12 minutes at the proper temperature.

Why To Cook Pizza Rolls For This Long?

Cooking fried or baked items would not take hours but would be ready to serve in minutes. The pizza rolls are frozen food, and cooking frozen food wouldn’t take much time. The person has to follow the following steps to cook the pizza rolls:
Step 1: Take out the pizza rolls from the refrigerator before 10 to 15 minutes of cooking. Heat the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare the baking tray and place the baking sheet on it.
Step 2: Then let it bake for around 13 minutes, and for full cooking bake it for 15 minutes. Keep an eye on the microwave while cooking the pizza rolls. Make sure to put the pizza rolls on the baking tray in a single line.

The pizza rolls would turn golden brown after getting baked perfectly on each side. After the pizza rolls are cooked, the people can have them with pizza sauces. The nutritional value of pizza rolls are very less, and this food item is not in the healthy zone.

Everyone should check any special instruction written on the packaging of the pizza rolls. Check all the ingredients of the pizza rolls as some people may have allergies to a few ingredients. It’s vital to store the leftover pizza rolls in the fridge even if you have not cooked them.


Cooking time for making pizza rolls would depend on which cooking method the person is following. Frying the pizza rolls may take more time as compared to cooking the rolls in the oven. If someone wants that deep fry flavors in the pizza rolls, then cooking time would be around 15 minutes.

The pizza rolls need to be cooked perfectly from the inside. This may happen when the person cooked it under the required heat temperature.


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