How Long Does Sangria Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 Days

The best drink you can have for a hot summer day? For gatherings? Then it’s Sangria. Sangria is a punch, which is originated from Spain, consisting of red wine, brandy, brown sugar, orange juice, and freshly chopped fruits (like apples, peaches, etc.).

Being an alcoholic beverage, the only difference between Sangria and other wines is that, Sangria includes fresh fruit juice and fruits, while wine includes fermented juice of grapes. But just like any alcoholic beverage, if consumed in moderation, it has some health benefits as well. It is also a recommended drink for a children’s party, where you can just replace the wine with another soft drink and serve it to the kids. They’ll love it!

How Long does Sangria Last

How Long does Sangria Last?

Unopened Sangria in refrigerator3 months
Opened Sangria in refrigerator5 days
Sangria in freezer1-2 weeks
Sangria in air tight container1-2 days
Sangria at room temperature30 minutes

Just like any other recipe, Sangria also if prepared meticulously, will last longer, but if not, then it will go bad in 1-2 days. One has to be extremely careful about the method and the ingredients.

When bought from a store, the Sangria can last for about 3 months, if left unopened. But it has to be kept refrigerated at all times. But once it is opened, it’ll last for not more than 5 days, if kept refrigerated all the time. Because it contains fruits, and wine, it’ll certainly not last for more than 5 days.

But if you still wish to keep it for a longer period, then you can try keeping it in an airtight container, so that the wine is even less exposed to air. You can also try keeping it in the freezer. By keeping so it can last for a week or two.

If you’ve prepared Sangria in ample quantity, and there is a lot of leftovers, but you are going to finish it in a day or two, then you can try keeping it in a pitcher and cover it with plastic wrap. You can also keep it in an airtight container. This will allow the Sangria to last for about 2 days.

If you’re to serve the Sangria right away after preparing it, then it may last for about 30 minutes. So, if you want to enjoy that rich flavor of the Sangria and the freshness of the fruits, then it’s suggested to keep it in the refrigerator always.

Why does Sangria Last That Long?

As mentioned before, if the method for preparing Sangria is handled carelessly, then there will be high chances for it to go bad. Sangria contains freshly-chopped fruits and fruit juice as one of their main ingredients. According to the recipe, it is a must for the fruits (mostly lemons, apples, peaches, or oranges) to be kept in the wine for almost a day. This will make sure that the flavors of the fruits and the wine mix properly.

If the Sangria is not kept for that long, it’ll not give off that unique flavor and may even taste bad. Also, as fresh fruits are one of the main attractions of this punch, they must taste fresh. That’s why you’ll have to keep it in the refrigerator always, or else the Sangria may go bad and lose its taste.

Although kept in the refrigerator, the Sangria can last for only 5 days, and not more than that, because the fruits will lose its freshness after that. Also, as the Sangria uses red wine as its main base, you’ll have to keep it refrigerated always. Because if the wine gets in constant contact with the air, due to oxidation, it will turn sour, and give off an unpleasant smell.

Sometimes different kinds of wine are used for making the Sangria. So how long the Sangria can last, depends on that particular kind of life. When white wine is used, it can last for 5-7 days in the refrigerator. But when full-bodied white or red wine is used, you ought to finish it within 3-5 days.


To sum it up, follow the preparation method correctly and carefully, and always remember to keep the Sangria in the refrigerator at all times. When the Sangria is refrigerated, you can always add some fresh slices of fruits to maintain its freshness.

Although red wine and fruits like apples, oranges, etc. are the ingredients of traditional Sangria, you can always make different variations in the Sangria, by changing the wine, or fruits. It’ll surely give you a unique flavor as well.

But always make it by using the same method, so that you’ll enjoy that rich taste of Sangria. And while serving it, you can always add a bit of soda or ice, to enhance its freshness more. The fresher the Sangria is, the better.


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