How Long Does Synthetic Oil Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 Months

Synthetic oil is a type of lubricant which are manufactured using chemical formulas, made artificially in factories. This artificial lubricant is manufactured chemically by the components in place of completely using crude oil in the process. There are many other raw materials included during the manufacturing of synthetic oil. The main component used during the manufacturing is the crude oil which gets distilled through the process known as distillation. The crude oil after there distilled is not yet complete, the oil needs to get changed in its physical, and chemical properties through other processes to get the final product.

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How Long Does Synthetic Oil Last?

Synthetic oil is used as a good substitute for petroleum-refined oils which are operated at a certain high temperature. There are many benefits for the environment if synthetic oil is used in place of petroleum-refined oils, or animal-fat-based products, as they are very convenient than these products. Synthetic oils are considered non-oil or oil-free products.

There are two groups of which synthetic oil is made, some manufacture oil from Group III base stock where some are manufacture from GroupIV blend of two. The famous brand Castrol is a synthetic oil company which is a full synthetic oil claimed to be good for your vehicle engine. Full Synthetic of the can be measured by any unit or instrument in the synthetic oil.

Group IV as PAO (poly-alpha-olefin) is a non-polar polymer. POA is made by the polymerization of alpha-olefin. They are considered 100% synthetic compounds by the API Group IV. The base stock in the production of synthetic lubricant is olefin which is an organic compound for manufacturing. The alpha-olefin is considered as an alkene that has a double bond of carbon-carbon. It starts with the alpha-carbon atom in the chemical structure, there is the presence of a double bond between the first, and second carbons.

Synthetic Oil6 months
Petroleum Oil50 Years

Why Does Synthetic Oil Last That Long?

There are advantages of using synthetic oils in your engine like the engine will provide better viscosity at high, and low temperatures having better Viscosity Index (VI) with good chemical stability to the engine. It reduces the effect of evaporation which causes the loss of fuel. It provides good resistance from the oxidization process in the engine, avoids thermal breakdown, and problems related to oil sludge.

If synthetic oil is used in the vehicle it will be environmental, and pocket friendly both because synthetic oil reduces the evaporation of the fuel in the environment saving both money, and nature. It is a very good option as a lubricant during extremely cold conditions when the engine gets cold, and fuel gets frozen. It is claimed that using synthetic oil in the engine improves the life of your vehicle engine. It doesn’t allow the accumulation of ashes in the hot spots of the engine which makes the engine weak.

The performance of automobiles is also affected in a positive manner as, it increases the horsepower, and torque of the engine. It avoids the internal drag on the engine ensuring the smooth functioning of the engine. These oils are a little expensive than mineral oils due to their better quality. It is good for environmental use but it has problems in the process of decomposition in industrial use.

Synthetic oils are not recommended to be used in a new vehicle, as they can affect future performance. It works better on used vehicles for at least six to seven years when the engine gets weak. These oils may contribute to environmental pollution during the manufacturing and decomposition of synthetic oils. They cause problems when dumbed carelessly in an open area. It can end the water resources like ponds, lakes, rivers, and groundwater basically.


These oils when thrown carelessly can cause some serious health issues also in humans, and animals of that area. When water that is contaminated with the heavy chemical components of the synthetic oil is consumed by humans, it can badly affect their kidneys after long-term use.


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