How Long Does Coconut Oil Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Years

Coconut oil is also known as coconut butter, and it is a type of oil that is edible. It is used for cooking purposes in many countries. The edible oils are extracted from the wick, meat, and from the fresh coconut milk of coconut palm fruit. Coconut oil is a type of fat that gets freeze at low temperatures. To melt the coconut oil it needs to be kept at a warm place at room temperature that is 25 degrees Celcius especially in the summer season it becomes a clear liquid.

It has a distinct aroma if it is unrefined. It has several uses in daily life like used as cooking oil commonly. The other main area is used in industrial areas like cosmetic products and used in detergents production. The edible coconut oil has a high rate of saturated oil present in them which is quite not good for health. It is recommended to avoid the overconsumption of coconut oil.

How Long Does Coconut Oil Last

How Long Does Coconut Oil Last?

The extraction of the coconut oil can be done with two types of process dry process and wet process. The wet process for the extraction is done with coconut milk from the dry or wet copra. The copra is a dried coconut. Coconut milk has protein in them, this protein emulsifies the oil and water. In the steps of extraction of the coconut oil, the most difficult step is breaking the emulsion to extract oil.

The steps of breaking the emulsion are done by the long boiling if the milk and the oil produced is discolored oil, and can not be used economically. There are many modern machines or techniques used for separating the different components of a fluid and treating them before use. The techniques are like cold, heat, acids, salts, electrolysis, enzymes, steam dilation, shock wave, and many other steps also included.

The wet process is less viable than the dry process due to several reasons in coconut production. The wet process has a lower yield than the dried process. The spoilage due to the pest is quite more than the dry process. The wet process for extraction of coconut oil require more investment to be made, high operation cost and producing high capital. The dry process requires the animal meat that needs to be extracted from the shells. They are dried with the help of sunlight.

The dry process of the excitation produces high-protein coconut oil and high-fiber mash. The mash is of poor quality and it needs to be consumed by ruminates, that are used as fed for them. The extraction of protein does not take place from the mash.

Coconut Oil2 Years
Olive Oil18-24 Months
Peanut Oil12 Month
Almond Oil1 Year

Why Does Coconut Oil Last That Long?

The RBD (Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized) is a type of oil which are extracted from the copra and the dried coconut kernel. This extraction process takes place when the dried coconut kernel and copra are pressed in a hydraulic press for the extraction process. The crude oil firstly extracted is not good or fit for consumption due to the presence of the contaminants in the oil. To refine the crude oil it needs to be heated, and then filtered to remove the contaminants.

There are some other methods of the extraction of the coconut oil with the enzymatic actions with the help of alpha-amylase, proteases, and polygalacturonases on diluting the coconut paste. The refined coconut oil and virgin coconut oil do not have any kind of aroma in them. RBD oils are used for several numbers of household uses for cooking at home. They are used in cosmetic products, industrial areas, and pharmaceutical purposes too.


The coconut oils are maximum used for cosmetic purposes, they are used for oiling hairs making them thick, and long. These coconut oils are also good for the skin as it makes the skin glow, and reduce dark spots with continuous use. There are many people who use coconut oil for removing makeup from the face.


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