How Long Does The Menopause Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 7 years

The production of estrogen levels decreases after the 40s. When a woman is not getting her periods for around 12 months, then it’s time for her menopause. Once, the menstruation cycle stops for a long time, then menopause would begin. There are 3 stages of natural menopause.

Generally, menopause would last around 7 years, but sometimes it may go around 14 years. Factors such as the beginning of menopause, age, lifestyle, and ethnicity influence the lasting time of menopause. Some women may have additional symptoms of menopause that would be quite intense.

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How Long Does The Menopause Last?

Menopause How Long Does The Menopause Last
Minimum time period7 years
Maximum time period14 years

The menopause period can increase or decrease depending on the food someone eats and their habits. Bad habits such as alcohol intake, smoking, and excess caffeine would make the symptoms of menopause worse. People following a normal diet and healthy lifestyle would have normal menopause with fewer symptoms. The stages of menopause are:




The symptoms would start showing up once the women reach the initial period of menopause. Some of the most common symptoms that women can face during their menopause stage are:

Night sweats- Night sweats are quite common for women experiencing hot flashes. People will experience excess sweating at the night. Sweats during the night would affect the sound sleep and would reduce the energy level during the daytime.

Hot flashes- Sometimes, the women would feel warmth suddenly, and this is called hot flashes. The hot flashes would last around a few minutes. There is no fixed time for expecting a hot flash. As they can come anytime in the day.

Vaginal changes- Vaginal changes would be another symptom of GSM (genitourinary syndrome of menopause). These symptoms would include uncomfortable sex, dryness in the vagina, low libido, and the urgent feeling of urination.

Emotional changes- Almost all women would experience emotional change during menopause. Depression and anxiety attacks are quite common during the menopause phase. Women during the menopause stage would get irritated very easily.

Improper sleep- Sleep is another problem for women with menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats can disturb the sleep cycle. It would affect the peace of mind by causing unnecessary stress. Insomnia is a sign that you’re already in the menopause stage.

Why Does The Menopause Last This Long?

The stage of menopause would start in between the ages of 45 to 55. Symptoms such as weight gain, joint pain, hair loss, and headaches can come during menopause. The lasting time of menopause would not be the same for all women. Some women may experience the phase for 7 years while others for 14 years.

It’s vital to check the diet and lifestyle one follows during the menopause phase. There are many treatments available for helping to cope with the symptoms such as MHT (menopausal hormone therapy). Many experts believe that MHT treatment will bring some repercussions and can cause heart attacks in women.

MHT can also cause blood clots and stroke. Irregular periods are common during the perimenopause stage. Therefore, it’s good to go with the natural process, as it would end on its own. There is no specific length of menopause, but women can expect an average time period.

The influential factors such as food habits and health conditions can be the reasons for the lasting time of menopause. Menopause would help the women to develop the emotional state to fight the symptoms of menopause. Many women would feel good as there will not be any period cramps.


Once the menopause phase would be gone, then life wouldn’t be very different from normal life. After menopause, the women should do eye and dental care with regular check-ups. The bone health could be maintained after menopause by doing correct workouts and yoga. Some women may see the menopause symptoms go before the expected time.

Regular health check-ups are vital for knowing any hidden health problems after the menopause period is over.



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