How Long Does The Ring Battery Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6-12 Months

The Ring is a popular brand that has brought revolutions in the field of smart field solutions. It has produced a line of doorbells that can record video. Thus, one doorbell performs two functions, both a doorbell and a camera.

The Ring doorbells provide high-resolution video and some features enable its fast recharge. Ring battery comes along with the doorbells produced with the same. However, customers also have the option to go for a new spare battery, if they lose their old one or if it has been damaged beyond repair.

how long does the ring battery last

How Long Does The Ring Battery Last?

Ring BatteryTime Taken
As claimed by the company6-12 months
As claimed by several review websites3-5 months

A typical Ring battery may go on for months without any recharge. Although, the battery may drain up quickly if not kept under proper conditions. However, after the used period, its battery would eventually die, and recharging the battery may be inevitable.

The company claims that the ring battery goes on for 6-12 months under ideal conditions. The whole story lies here in “ideal conditions”. These ideal conditions do not always match with the realities on the ground.

There are conditions like the temperature range, enabling of live view, and internet connection which give rise to these differences. In the absence of these differences, the time projected by the company holds.

The stark differences between ideal conditions and ground realities cause the ring battery to die down early. In much of the customer reviews posted online, customers have noted that the batteries die down anywhere between 4-6 days to 3-5 months. Thus, the working of the Ring battery depends is a relative issue and depends upon the conditions in which the doorbell is used.

This 6-12 month time span put forward by the company also does not consider the usage patterns of its various users. The company assumes a normal usage of the doorbell while projecting the battery life which might not be true for many users.

Some users experience high usage and thus, there is higher footfall at their places. This leads to the doorbell being used beyond what it is expected to be. This causes a fast decrease in its projected life span which makes it last shorter.

Why Does The Ring Battery Last That Long?

Batteries are expected to last longer which is beyond months. Whether it is a clock battery, a car battery, or a doorbell battery, they are anticipated to last for many weeks.

If the Ring battery dies out before 6 months, people ought to check out if the doorbell is in an improper condition.

If the temperature in the area is too low, the Ring battery will die repeatedly. It will need to be charged accordingly. Moreover, if the temperature falls below freezing levels, it might even fail to get charged. On the contrary, if the temperature is too high, there are risks of the battery is dying down due to overheating.

Some Ring doorbells also offer a live view of the scene in front of the entrance door. This feature provided by the company consumes a lot of battery usage capacities. However, there is an option to disable this feature.

In addition to this, the internet connection being used by the Ring doorbell also impacts the longevity of the battery. If the Wi-Fi is too slow or there are constant problems with connecting with it, the battery may die out too sooner than expected. People should try to connect the Ring doorbell with a good internet connection.

There are also options to increase the sensitivity of the Ring doorbell. This helps to eliminate the not-so-useful events from focus and emphasizes the events that are connected with that place.


A Ring battery may last for 6-12 months under ideal conditions. However, since a certain set of conditions cannot be maintained at all places, this timeframe is reflective of the conditions prevailing at that place. Thus, in actual practice, a Ring battery lasts anywhere between 3 to 5 months.

People can make the battery last longer by disabling the live view, increasing the sensitivity of doorbells, and setting up a motion schedule. This might help to get the doorbell running for few additional weeks.



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