How Long Does It Take To Charge Ring Battery (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 Hours

There are many types of security devices available now. Since thefts and break-ins are very common nowadays, there is an absolute need to install good security devices, so that they can keep an eye on the house or workplace when the owners are not around. Doorbells are installed in places so that when they are rung, the people inside the building will know when they have visitors. Nowadays, these doorbells can be battery operated and security cameras can be even installed inside the doorbells.

In the old days, everything used to be wired, but now, the bells, security cameras and modified to fit together, wireless, with cameras. These battery-operated ring video doorbells can be installed anywhere and everywhere, can be changed easily and the devices are very portable. The only disadvantage is that the devices only work when they are charged. Everybody has the question of how soon the batteries can be charged.

It normally takes about five to ten hours to charge a ring battery and various factors affect the time taken to charge the battery.

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How Long Does It Take To Charge Ring Battery?

Type of battery and amperage of wall chargerTime
2.1 amps5 hours
1 amp10 hours
Original ring video doorbell camera4 to 12 hours

The many factors that affect the charging time of a ring battery include the life of the batter, the weather outside, the amperage of the USB port, and even the wall adapter used to charge the battery. There are many ring devices with a rechargeable lithium battery, like video doorbells, doorbells 2 and 3, doorbell 3 plus, peephole cam, stick up cam battery, floodlight cam battery, and spotlight battery. Every type of doorbell except the original ring video doorbell uses the same quick charge battery pack.

The battery of the ring video doorbell cannot be removed and the battery can be charged, by plugging in a cable. The changing table will be directly plugged into the device and this non-removable battery requires about four to twelve hours of charge, to work for a long time. One other factor that influences the time taken to charge the ring battery also includes the amount of charge left in the battery already.

When the battery is completely dead, it will take more time to charge the battery. On the other hand, if there is 20% of battery already left, the time taken to charge the battery will be about 5 to 10 hours.

Why Does It Take That Long To Charge Ring Battery?

When the amperage of the charger is high, the time taken to charge is lesser. It is a known fact that it takes about 5 hours to complete charging when a 2.1 amperage wall charger is used, while it takes 10 hours if a 1 amperage wall charger is used. A ring battery may also charge slower in cold climates than when the climate is hot. This is because lithium batteries don’t hold the power in cold climates as they hold the power in hotter climates.

Hence, the battery can be charged inside the house at room temperature, which is warmer than outside. It will also charge faster when a wall outlet adapter is used, instead of using a USB port on a computer or any sort of pluggable device. First, the battery will be removed from its mounting bracket. The micro USB charging cable will be plugged in the back of the doorbell, and it can be gauged based on how long the circle light takes to fill in.


In some designs, the ring doorbell contains a circle around it, which will turn completely blue when fully charged. A quick-release ring battery pack can also be used to charge the ring battery. Here the battery will be removed from the doorbell, and the charging cable will be directly plugged into the battery. The battery has red and green lights which will start lighting up when they are being charged. The battery’s green light will constantly be on when it is fully charged.

Any ring battery must be recharged every six months so that it can last long. How and continuously the device is used, the temperature of the air, and the strength and stability of the wifi connection are what decides how long the battery lasts per charge.


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