How Long Do Laptops Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 to 7 years

There isn’t a person in the world right now who doesn’t own an electrical gadget. Every work is done in half the time when electric gadgets and automated devices are used. For example, while it takes about a minute or two to calculate something, the calculator does that in a second. Technology has grown to a rate that people don’t know how to live without using any type of gadget for even a day. These devices are being reinvented and renovated every single day.

One of the most resourceful gadgets still in use is the laptop, which is manufactured by many companies in the world right now. A laptop computer is a very flexible device that is portable. Laptops can be used for communication, gaming, leisure, both for professional works and for hobbies. Laptops are wide screened, and if one wants to watch or work with a large screen, the laptop is the best choice.

Not every laptop is the same and lasts for the same duration. On the other hand, a laptop lasts based on multiple factors, like the cost, the brand, and much more. It is necessary to weigh in all the factors before buying the right laptop that suits a person and their requirements.

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How Long Do Laptops Last?

Price rangeTime
Below $7002 to 4 years
$700-$10003 to 5 years
Over $10007 to 10 years

Though there might be some defective pieces, how long laptops last is based on their cost. The laptops are different kinds, and every type of laptop costs different. According to laptop companies and reviewers, laptops that are under $700 last for about 2 to 4 years, while the laptops that are within the price range of $700 to $1000 last longer, for about 3 to 5 years. The laptops that cost more than $1000 last for more than 7 years. With the right maintenance and care, these costly laptops can even last for 10 years.

The cost of the laptop determines how long the laptops last and the other characteristics like better and more advanced features, longer battery life, and much more. Normally, laptops are ranging from $500 to even $3500. The laptops are worth the money and as the price of the laptop lowers, the lift lowers. Some laptops are specifically made for gaming, video editing, designing graphics, and some laptops are made especially for work and web browsing.

The lifespan and pricing can be classified based on the surgery, and technically there are three types of laptops, consumer, business, and gaming laptops. There are ways to know if the laptop is getting old, needs a service, or needs to be changed and by using certain methods and tips, the life of a laptop can be prolonged.

Why Do Laptops Last That Long?

Consumer laptops normally come with a warranty for a year, and with good care, they can last for more than three years. Business laptops can last for about three to five years, and they come along with a warranty of about three years. They are more reliable and faster than consumer laptops and they are certainly expensive than consumer laptops. The best companies to buy business laptops include Mac OS, Microsoft, HP, and many other old brands.

Gaming laptops need an upgrade every couple of years, and they can last for about 5 to 7 years with good maintenance. They are heavier, robust, and costlier than consumer and business laptops. They can last for the first four to five years without any sort of glitch, and after the fifth year, the performance will go down slowly.


When one feels like the performance is going down slowly, it is better to give the laptop to someone who knows laptops better like IT and MSP professionals. The laptops exhibit various signs that they are going down for real. Some things can be fixed and changed, while some cannot.

There are issues like compatibility problems, loud fans, slow processing and processors, breakages, weird behavior, and much more. Sometimes they can be given to the service shops, and sometimes they will not come through the repair. Even after repairing the laptops, if they don’t work well, it is time to buy a new laptop with better features.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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