How Long Does Turnitin Take – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 minutes

Do you have any ideas about Turnitin? Probably your answer may be no, well Turnitin is a text-matching scheme that evaluates the accuracy of your work as well as references.



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Turnitins are used to identify any derivative text in any written material that is submitted. This can either be assignments, exams, speech or even report.

Furthermore, usually, these documents are generally taken through Turnitin’s database. Afterward, it evaluates and rates similar reports with similar scores and sends feedback to the owners.

How Long Does Turnitin Take

How long does Turnitin take?

The duration that it takes is usually very significant. Therefore, Turnitin can take approximately 15 minutes to finish, especially when the workload is much, which often happens at the end of the semester when a lot of work is being acquiesced to Turnitin.

How long it works depends on some conditions, this is:

Turnitins’ flexibility

Most of you love using this tool due to the flexibility it offers. Besides, it is also designed in a manner that it can be more convenient and easy for you to use.

However, the similarity report can significantly differ from your entire work too. The more flexible your Turnitin is, the better always since it determines how long it will take as well as why.

Does the similarity score determine the grading of assignments?

This is far beyond its function; when it comes to grading your assignment or any work, then your professional will be responsible for it.

Turnitin not only highlights plagiarism but also quotes other things you should have put into consideration to boost your content. It is a great tool that momentously helps in your learning process.

Moreover, it has absolutely nothing to do with grading your documents or rather assignments. In case it takes longer to take it down on your professionals.


You should not be worried about storage because this tool normally has an extensive database that can store numerous numbers of documents.

Additionally, its security and safety are on a keynote; hence, no one is able to access the database. You also have an option to opt-out when necessary through making a request either through your professional or institution.

This is usually vital as it determines how long and why it takes such a long time or short.

Student copyright

Turnitin does not compromise student copyright. The fact that your documents are there does not change anything; your material is only there for that particular time your school or institution has signed a contract though you can always opt-out in case need be.


If you were probably not sure of how long it might take and why, at least you have some clear understanding about it. Therefore it is upon you to decide whether you want to use Turnitin or not. Additionally, Turnitin is also for your good since it simply rectifies your mistakes and gives you direction. I hope you will opt to use it.


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