How Long to Study for MCAT - (And Why)?

How Long to Study for MCAT – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 months

MCAT refers to the Medical College Admission Test, and It is done for the identification of qualified students for admission to medical schools.

It needs more studying than you might think. Therefore, in most cases, it varies from one person to another.

How Long to Study for MCAT

How long to study for MCAT?

It is appropriate that you study for your MCAT for two months, which is eight weeks.

Therefore, it is also advisable that you narrow this down by dividing your time accordingly.

You should be willing to sacrifice a good time for an MCAT; by doing so, it means you will locate 15 to 30 hours per week for your studies compared to when you are busy, and you cut down the number of studies.

This automatically means you will take a longer time than expected.

Several factors would determine how long it would take you to study for an MCAT, such as:

A strong background in biology

There is a need to grasp the concepts of biology since most medical courses require biology terminologies.

Your better understanding of it will benefit you. It is therefore vital to have a clear understanding of biological terms and go for biology-related courses such as microbiology, genetics, and cell biology.

This will factor how long you long it would probably take you to finish your course.

How well you excel in your prereqs

Prereqs are crucial in ensuring that students have the best understanding of their background training before they enroll in a course.

Therefore, you do not necessarily need to excel in your course but have a strong understanding of the concepts discussed.

Prereqs require critical thinking and application. Additionally, there is a great need for you to practice mostly to shorten the duration of your MCAT.

Sit for an MCAT diagnostic exams

Diagnostic exams are meant to rate you and your performance.

Therefore, for purposes of saving time and getting to know your stand, it is significant for you to sit for a diagnostic exam.

In case you are very close to acquiring a quality score you needed, then there’s no need for you taking a long duration of time to study for an MCAT.

This plays a huge role in how long you might take to accomplish your course.

Why it might take you that long?

Poor studying techniques

As much as it is possible to take a long duration of time studying for an exam, it is appropriate you implement the proper studying techniques to excel in your exams.

Without these techniques, then be sure you will be studying the wrong way hence poor results.

This explains why it might take that long for you to study for your MCAT.

Sitting for your MCAT late

It is advisable and recommendable that you sit for tour MCAT early enough failure to which you can you may experience a delay in your application.

The earlier you sit for you MCAT, the better, so you should keep time. Furthermore, this explains more why it might take you a long or short duration to sit for your MCAT.


The above factors determine how long it might take you to study for your MCAT, and it answers why. Therefore, it is upon you to be sharp and observe the rules for better results.


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