How Long Does Unemployment Take (And Why)?

How Long Does Unemployment Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Weeks

Careers choices are getting broader every day. There are many beneficial claims for every job. Many situations increase the number of unemployment. Natural disasters, and many other issues can cause unemployment on a great scale. In recent years, unemployment policies were implemented, which helped in building the economy of a country, and also in stabilizing it.

Many benefits can be claimed by filing unemployment. Some procedures must be followed before filing unemployment, and certain things must be carefully filled and noted before filling the forms. The duration and method of receiving unemployment benefits can differ based on the states that one files unemployment under.

When the claim is filed correctly, the first payment will be deposited in three weeks, after all the details are checked and processed.

How Long Does Unemployment Take

How Long Does Unemployment Take?

Getting the employment benefits3 weeks
Time the benefits last6 months

Unemployment can happen due to various reasons, and that includes inefficiency of employees, shutting down of companies and industries, even natural calamities. Sometimes, the employees will be warned about the status of their job if there is a crisis within the working place that has to do with the company. If not, and the reason the person loses their job is because of their inefficiency or any other personal reason, there won’t be any sort of warning for the applicants before firing them.

There isn’t anything much a person can do when they are unemployed. After getting unemployed, a person can file for unemployment, if they have all the right credentials.


The unemployment claim is filed in the unemployment office. After one files their unemployment claims, if the offices don’t have any sort of questions and all the credentials are right, the applicants will receive their first payment within three weeks. The first and second weeks are used to process the application and find out any sort of errors. The state’s office will give the applicants specific information about the timeline of their benefits and payments.

The status of one’s application can be checked easily online or by phone and there is no need for the person to visit the unemployment office every time they need updates. This policy is followed in many economically well-developed countries like the USA. The waiting and processing periods differ based on the state the applicants choose to apply their unemployment.

Why Does Unemployment Take That Long?

States like Oregon and Washington ask the applicants to wait for a week before they start assigning the benefits, even if the credentials are all cleared for the processing of payments. After clearing the benefits, state unemployment will offer the applicants choices of payments. The applicants can receive their payments on their debit cards, or through direct deposit into their bank account.

When the payments begin, there can be a slight delay, yet after that, the payments will be directly deposited in the applicant’s chosen method of receiving payment. There arent many countries that provide unemployment benefits through paper checks anymore. Although, the policy differs based on the states and there are some states like Oregon that provide their first payment through paper checks and the rest through direct deposits or debit card transfers.


In many states, many conditions are followed before granting unemployment benefits. In some states, getting unemployed due to workplace misconduct can interfere with the applicants claiming their unemployment benefits. For example, states like Maryland make the applicants wait for at least 10 to 15 weeks before they receive their first payment.


There are various reasons why the first unemployment payment is delayed. When the unemployment agencies ask questions and challenge the claim, there are chances that the benefits can get delayed. After one applies for fo unemployment benefits, all the details and credentials will be taken into account by the state unemployment office.

Sometimes, when the office has some questions, the applicants will be contacted and a telephonic interview will be scheduled. After all that is cleared, the applicant will receive the payment, yet if there are further interviews other than the initial filing of the claim, the benefits can take a while to reach the person.

When all the details are clear and intact, and the person is a worthy candidate of the benefits, they will receive their first payment in two to three weeks.



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