How Long Does It Take To Reopen An Unemployment Claim (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Reopen An Unemployment Claim (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 Days

Benefits are offered by governments all around the world, though the benefits may differ according to the countries and many other factors. During pandemics and disasters, many people get unemployed, and there are some benefits that one can apply for to help them out during tough times. Not only during the pandemic and disasters do people lose their jobs, sometimes the companies and industries close completely, firing all the employees, due to losses and various other reasons. Just like every other benefit, unemployment benefits must be claimed by applying and following the given process.

It will take about a while before one finds a job after losing one, so it is better to claim the unemployment benefits to pay the expenses. It is quite a process to file for the claim, but it is done, it is all worth the efforts. When one hasn’t filed their benefits for a while, it is not necessary to file for a new claim. The old claim can be reopened by following certain processes.

Once unemployment benefits are offered, they must be regularly claimed and filed, so that one can keep receiving their unemployment benefits. When the unemployment benefits are not filed for a while, they must be renewed.

How Long Does It Take To Reopen An Unemployment Claim

How Long Does It Take To Reopen An Unemployment Claim?

To reopen the claim, it takes about10 days
The claim must be reopened if not filed for5 weeks
Duration to receive the unemployment claim2 to 3 weeks

When it’s been more than a given time since a person has last certified for benefits, their UI (Unemployment Insurance) will become inactive and to keep receiving the benefits, the claim must certainly be reopened. Although, there is one thing everybody must know. When a person has filed their unemployment within the last 52 weeks, they can apply for reopening the claim, since they would not have used all of their benefits. Yet, if it has been more than 53 weeks, they must certainly apply for a new claim. First, when one applies for a new claim, they must submit the necessary documents and the entire checking process will take about 2 to 3 weeks.

Sometimes, when the documents are not satisfactory, the checking process can take longer, and if they don’t meet the criteria given by the unemployment agency, the claim will be declined. When all the documents match, they will receive the approval of their unemployment claim within a month, along with the payment. For the first time, the payment can be received in the form the government provides, but after the first payment, the rest can be credited in the form the person asks for.

Why Does It Take That Long To Reopen An Unemployment Claim?

It takes about 10 days to claim the benefits after they are reopened, and the claim must be reopened if they are not filed for five weeks in some states, while they must be reopened if not filed for 30 days in some states of the world. It is also important to know that one can reopen a claim only when they have the benefits left. After the duration of benefits end, they cannot reopen the claim.

The unemployment benefits can be claimed only if the employee has been laid off, or they quit their job due to unsafe working conditions, and also if they are fired with or without reason.

When a person loses their job for the second time, it will be a bit tricky to claim unemployment benefits or renew them, since they fall into the category of reapplying for their unemployment benefits for the second time.


In most countries, about 52 weeks of unemployment benefits are provided for eligible candidates.

When the person loses their job for the second time, the amount they receive very much depends on factors like the duration between the previous unemployment compensation and the recent events of unemployment and they will also be checked to see if they fit the criteria for filing the unemployment benefits.

The amount received from the benefits will be calculated based on the salary earned in the previous employment and most of the time, the second unemployment benefits might not be as good as the first ones.


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