How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 40 Years

Vinyl siding is a widely popular form of siding and is in common use since the 1950s. It was made as a replacement for the widely used aluminium siding which was prevalent during that time. Vinyl siding has made enormous progress from being dull, saggy and short-lived siding to being a bright, colourful and long-lasting form of siding.

Vinyl siding has two layers. While the top layer is called top stock and contains Titanium dioxide, the layer beneath is referred to as substrate and contains limestone. These layers are mainly formed by resin and polyvinyl chloride.

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How Long Does Vinyl Chloride Last?

Vinyl Siding Lasting TimeframesTime Expectancies
Minimum Time20 years
Average Time40 years
Maximum Time60 years

Vinyl siding has a long life expectancy. Having been introduced to the world almost a century before in the 1950s, the siding has undergone several modifications and improvements. These changes have made it possible for the Vinyl Siding to last longer than would have been expected five decades before.

If one goes by the Siding Authority, it says that the vinyl siding has the potential to last for roughly twenty to forty years. Given the developments in the field of vinyl siding, twenty years is the minimum amount of timeframe that can be expected from it. In stark contrast to that, twenty to thirty years is the maximum time that can be expected from a siding made from wood.

Many studies and surveys have, however, suggested that the average lasting time of Vinyl Siding is approximately forty years. Forty years is what many users of this siding have experienced to last. This is the same as the expectancy periods for Stucco siding and Fiber Cement Siding.

Besides having an average life of forty years, Vinyl Siding has also been noticed lasting near sixty years. Home Decor experts say that if proper care and attention along with minimal maintenance costs are incurred, it carries the potential of lasting for almost a century.

Why Vinyl Siding Lasts So Long?

The advancements made in the field of science and technology are the basic reason which has made Vinyl Siding last for so long. It is a time-tested product and has gone over several changes and modifications in its manufacturing process. These changes have made it imperative for the siding to last further while being a great condition.

Apart from immense developments in technology, there have been a few other considerable factors at play which has further cemented this position of Vinyl Siding as a long-lasting siding. To name them, they are its water-resisting properties, its quality, easy maintenance and anti rotting properties.

Vinyl Siding is resistant to the harmful effects of water on its surfaces. If the siding is not water-resistant, it may lead to rotting of its surface. Nonetheless, if the person has Vinyl Siding, these problems do not arise as it is safe from the effects of water.

The quality of Vinyl Siding used in buildings also has an impact on its durability expectancy. If the siding is thicker and of better quality, it will probably last for a long period. Apart from being durable, a good quality Vinyl Siding would also be attractive and carry more warranty periods.

Another significant reason behind its durability is its easy maintenance. Minimal costs have to be incurred to keep the siding in a good shape for longer. Moreover, as it contains Titanium dioxide, it prevents discolouration and shields the exteriors from UV radiation.


Vinyl Siding lasts for about forty years on average. It is expected to last for at least twenty years for a minimum period. However, if proper care is taken, there are chances of it lasting for about half a century.

A significant reason why Vinyl Siding lasts so long can be attributed to the progress made in science and technology. The technology has made the siding water-resistant, improved its quality and keeps it safe from discolouration.


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