How Long Is 120 Minutes (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Hours

Time is one of the most precious treasures of the world. Time can never be stopped nor can be replayed back. This trait of time is what makes it superior to any other time. With time, things age out and leave a trait on the world. The only thing that never ages out is time. Whether it be 120 minutes it 12000 minutes, if used appropriately they can be in a good time, or if not utilized it can be a total waste.

Time is that the continued sequence of existence and events that occur an irreversible and succession from the past, through this, and to the longer term. Time is a subject to study in religion, philosophy, science, and many other fields. The basic unit of time in which it can be expressed worldwide is the seconds.

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How Long Is 120 Minutes?

Measurement CriteriaDuration
In Hours2 Hours
In Seconds7200 seconds

120 m minutes can be expressed in a number of ways. It can be expressed in minutes, hours, seconds, or milliseconds. The most common and standard way to describe time is 7200 seconds. Each second further constitutes milliseconds and 120 minutes can further be dissociated into milliseconds.

The most common way to calculate the duration of 120 minutes to seconds is by multiplying 120 minutes with 60 seconds. This is done by the rule of mathematics. Each minute consists of 60 seconds and the total minutes are given to us is 120 minutes. So, by simple multiplication, we can find the result by multiplying 60 seconds with 120 minutes giving 7200 seconds. Hence, 120 minutes is 7200 seconds long.

The other way by which we can calculate how long is 120 minutes, is by converting it to hours. Hours is the second most commonly used measurement of time. For calculation of 120 minutes to an hour, consider that each other consists of 60 minutes. So, by dividing, 120 minutes to 60 minutes we will get the time taken in hours that is 2. The duration is first reduced for one and then simply multiplied to get the final answer.

The natural units of timekeeping that were used mostly by the historical societies are day, solar year, and lunation. These calendars comprise several other calendars like Babylonian, Chinese, Mayan, Islamic, french republican, Hindu, and many more. The modern calendar is derived from the Roman calendar that is a combination of the Julian calendar and the Gregorian.

Why Is 120 Minutes This Long?

The words minutes and seconds have been derived from the Latin words. 120 minutes is this long because it consists of the standard time of society. The second is considered as the 1/60th of a minute or 1/3600th of an hour. The amount of time taken by the Earth to turn once about the sun marks the presence of this time.

The word hour came from the Greek word hora that translates to a period of time. The word started to be used as a specific time length. The 120 minutes started to be recognized as 2 hours. The word minute means small. The word ‘minute’ was originally used to describe a small portion of an hour. The second was thus considered as the fundamental unit of time and can be described as the radiation frequency at which the atoms of cesium change from one state to the other.

The second is taken into account as 1/86400 of the mean day or the typical period of rotation of Earth on the axis relative to the Sun. With time and over, the definition of a second was changed and it came as the rate of rotation of earth constantly changes, a second is added to keep the time synchronized to the mother nature. This was how second became the SI unit of time.


120 minutes is 2 hours or as the SI unit of time describes 7200 seconds long. The duration and interpretation of 120 minutes can be changed according to the unit it has been expressed. This gives rise to 120 minutes being as long as 7200 seconds. This was calculated by a sum of different theories that involved the theories of the earth revolving around the solar system.


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