How Long Does A CCJ Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 years

The County Court judgments would last for around 6 years. These judgments are recorded in the credit file. The County Court judgments can also be recorded in the public registers. It’s always difficult to get credit during the 6 years till when the County Court judgment would last.

The only way to get the County Court judgments removed from the credit file and public register is by paying the whole amount that someone owes. The six years period would start from the day when the judgment was passed. If someone skips or misses paying any owed payment, then it will directly affect the credit file of the person.

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How Long Does A CCJ Last?

County Court Judgement How Long Does A CCJ last
Minimum time period1 month (if the amount is paid back)
Maximum time periodUp to 6 years

County Court judgments are simply the legal decisions taken by the County Court. These decisions are handed down if there are any late or missed payments for the money somebody owes. If there is a County Court Judgment against someone, it means the person owes money to another person. Debt can be a big reason for someone having County Court judgments against them.

If anybody wants to get out of the CCJ, then try to pay all the payments on time. Once the CCJ is registered against you, it will be there for 6 years. Everyone can stop the consequences of County Court judgments by maintaining discipline for paying the whole amount of money at once.

The Register of Judgments, Orders, and Fines is the public database where the County Court judgments will be registered. The registered is only operated or accessible by a company recognized as Registry Trust. The court is responsible for sending the company the details about all the new legal decisions for County Court Judgements.

Everybody can go through the public register to see if they have any County Court Judgments against them. The person has to pay some amount of money as fees for checking the CCJ. Nobody will be able to access the credit file of someone. If someone tries to take more credit, then the lender would be able to know a County Court judgment that someone has.

Once, the tenure of 6 years is completed, the County Court judgments will not be there in the credit file or in a public register.

Why Does A CCJ Last This Long?

According to rules and provisions, the CCJ will not get removed before 6 years. If the person after paying the money back to the lender applies for removing the County Court judgments, then it will get removed. The person can pay the owed money in one month to get the County Court judgments out from the credit file and public register.

The person to remove the County Court judgment has to go through a few processes. The person has to apply for a cancellation certificate known as “certificate of cancellation”. The application should be made to the County Count who handed down or gave the legal decision. The proof of the payment should be attached to the application.

The court may charge some fee for this application process. People with extremely low incomes may get the application done without paying any fees. Before applying for the cancellation certificate, make sure to check the eligibility criteria. Confirm that you are eligible for applying for the cancellation certificate or not.

Everybody can visit the online official websites to have the correct knowledge about the court fees for the certificate of cancellation.


It’s always better to complete the payment of owed money and to avoid the problem of County Court judgments. Nobody should avoid the County Court judgment as it may call for more severe repercussions. The court may take extra steps against the person. The court gives the person a chance to pay back the owed money as much as the person can arrange.

The person can take some time to pay back the money if it’s not possible to pay the money.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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