How Long Does Vyvanse Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Vyvanse Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 14 hours

Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) is a prodrug. The Vyvanse is not active by itself, as it is the prodrug of dextroamphetamine. This prodrug gets activated once it enters your body. Your body is responsible for activating the prodrug (Vyvanse). Once the prodrug Vyvanse gets activated, it will last up to 14 hours. The effects of Vyvanse may not last beyond 14 hours.

The effect of the prodrug lasts for a long time (14 hours), therefore it is recommended to be taken once every day.

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How Long Does Vyvanse Last?

Formulation How Long Does Vyvanse Last
Capsules14 hours
Chewable tablets13 to 14 hours

Vyvanse drug may not cause harm to people, as it works pretty well for your central nervous system. This drug is not recommended to be used by children below 6 years. Individuals using Vyvanse for eating disorders (binge) must be above the age of 18. People started using this prodrug in 2007 (it got approved in the year 2007).

Vyvanse is also a good psychostimulant that could be used in the treatment of binge eating disorders. Vyvanse is a great prodrug for helping ADHD due to the presence of lisdexamfetamine (active ingredient). You will find Vyvanse in capsule form. The effects of Vyvanse last up to 10 to 14 hours. In some cases, the duration of working of this prodrug is lesser than the expected working time.

It’s difficult to say how long does Vyvanse lasts, as it depends on the human body as well. Vyvanse has some side effects, but the side effects won’t cause huge harm to the body. Vyvanse prodrug takes some time inside your body to metabolize. It’s good to take the prodrug in the morning, as it may trouble your sleep if taken in the evening.

Your doctor will be the best person to recommend if you have to take this prodrug without or with food. You should go through a proper medical check-up to know the dosage your body requires. Your doctor will adjust the dose according to your requirement. The drug will be available in both capsule and chewable form. For better results, follow all the instructions given by your doctor.

Use this prodrug regularly at the same time to avoid any side effects. Your doctor may ask you to continue the medicine for a short period of time. Basically, the doctor does this to see any improvement or changes in your body.

Why Does Vyvanse Last This Long?

The effects of Vyvanse last maximum up to 14 hours, as it is a prodrug. This drug will get activated after entering inside your body and this is why the effects stay long inside your body. The prodrug may bring some withdrawal symptoms after showing its effects. You may talk to your doctor if you will any harsh side effects or withdrawal symptoms of Vyvanse.
Vyvanse may become an addiction for many people so be careful while taking this regularly. Don’t take the dosage of Vyvanse more than the expected time period, as it will be a problem. Talk to your doctor before discontinuing or increasing the time period to use Vyvanse. Serotonin toxicity is a very common side effect of this prodrug (Vyvanse).
From disturbing your heartbeat to skin allergies, this prodrug may cause some serious side effects. You should talk to your doctor at the earliest, once you start observing any sudden side effects such as hallucinations or a faster heartbeat.


The prodrug Vyvanse is a trusted and approved drug for treating binge eating disorders and ADHD. Many people use this prodrug after doctor recommendation for helping ADHD. Vyvanse is not harmful if you take it after the proper check-up. Following all the instructions for using Vyvanse is extremely vital for avoiding severe health side effects.

People allergic to any such kind of drug should talk to a doctor for an alternative. Get yourself a proper check-up and tell your doctor all the medical issues you have before using this prodrug. Vyvanse is a safe prodrug to use, but some people may come out as an exception for using this drug.


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