How Long Do Elves Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Elves Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 300 Years

All types of magical things in the world, everyone is not glimpsed, but their stories are told since ancient times.

Most people believe in those things, which are seen in their eyes or feel, but those people who want to see this magic in their mind, their life will become mysterious. Science also does the same things in the end.

Everything starts from imagination, and later on, science will try to prove it or make it. Let’s take the example of the world’s largest snake Titanoboa, which existed in the world thousands of years ago.

All these types of things came to the public firstly by the stories books, and people thought it is a part of the stories, but later on, when the scientist got the skeleton of the species, then the whole world official knew better about it.

Like this, Elves are also a mysterious organism that resembles humans but has magical power. Their existence comes from ancient stories. Nowadays, they become the characters in several novels, cartoons, books, and so on.

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How Long Do Elves Live?

CharacterLife span
Elves300 years
Middle earth elvesThousand years (spirit)

Elves are practically immortal beings, which doesn’t mean that they are truly immortal and cannot be assassinated. Under certain conditions, like living in peace without conflict, they will withstand. They can be killed with brute force like mortals, but that are otherwise impervious to the physical illness so infections.

Unlike humans, they even can drink tainted water and be ok. If by chance, they happen to get unwell from an infection or poison, they recover better and as well faster than humans. Their body won’t cope with any poison or infection.

Even a killing blow, like by a sword, ax, arrow, or any other shape and deadly weapon, if that blow was led to a vulnerable part of their body or even some inner organs. Unlike humans, elves can also die of heartbreak, an emotional shock, or prolonged emotional suffering. They tend to feel emotions very intensely.

Elves are taking love very seriously, and they mate for life. They can suffer for hundreds of years if their partner dies. Even they are willing to lie somewhere and die.

An elf-child will grow and become old, but slower than human kids. At the age of 50, they reach full adulthood, but they would still seem pretty young. After that, their bodies are pretty much changeless, but extreme mental or physical anxiety can cause an elf to take on an aged appearance.

Why Do Elves Live That Long?

Even then, they remain “immortal” in the sense that they just go on, never dying from old age alone. However, they can be killed by blunt force, and also by extreme disgust/anguish. An Elvish body quickly decomposes if the soul has for any reason departed, but the houseless spirit doesn’t leave the world.

It is summoned to the Halls of Mandos in Valinor, and unless the individual is utterly undeserving, the soul will eventually enter a new body provided by the Valar. Elves resume their immortal lives. The ones who are thus rehoused must however normally remain Blessed Realm and are very rarely allowed to go back to middle earth.

Those who remain in middle earth were however eventually subject to feeding, after many thousands of years their bodies were somehow consumed by the spirit within.  It was not quite the same as death necessitating the creation of a new body, but in the end, Elves were no longer perceivable by normal mortal senses. That’s why people no longer see Elves in the world today.


If someone is interested to find a place where people believe in elves, do not hesitate to plan a trip to Iceland. Fifty percent population of Iceland believe that they are still alive. During the 70s construction, a highway avoided a hill where Elvis lived.

They are invisible; they want to be seen. They can live among us, by snatching newborns and swapping them with elf babies. They are also considered excellent archers and swordsmen, because of their lifelong intense military training.

They can fight with different types of swords. They are also very fond of poetry, music, and dance. Usually, they are described as wearing green clothes.


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