How Long For A Skinny Person To Get Abs (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 Months

Fitness is not just limited to an adequate body mass index. Nowadays, a lot more is inculcated in overall wellbeing. With images of fitness freaks floating around on various social media platforms, people are striving towards a more toned and good-looking stature.



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Apart from muscle building, abs are an essential part of this regime. It is quite easy for trained personnel to guide the beginners, but the actual process is a bit gruesome and time-consuming. While obese individuals take to such practices for a better look, skinny people might have a completely different outlook.

How Long For A Skinny Person To Get Abs

How Long For A Skinny Person To Get Abs?

The initial steps include setting a goal and asking for guidance. In case the expectations are too high or goals get too unrealistic with time, the trainee might feel disheartened. Based on the existing fatigue, skinny people can get abs within three months.

Before that, it is essential to understand that skinny people are not lean. Likewise, lean people can be healthy too. The basic difference lies in the fat and muscle quotient in the body. A lot of ratios like basal metabolic rate influence this quotient. In other words, skinny people have fewer muscles and more stored fat.

On the contrary, lean people have negligible stored fats, but muscles are apt. This is directly related to malnutrition as well. Therefore, underweight people might have to go through rigorous training for at least six months to get visible ab lines.

Lean people take a lesser time as muscles are already present – a duration of four months is enough for this category of bodybuilding. The duration varies on the basis of gender as well. Females need to work more on the upper body while males get abs a bit more easily. This difference is not constant.

Specifically, the teenage years are the best time to think about weight lifting so as to get abs. Being skinny has nothing to do with body shaming. One must ensure optimum health conditions in all states.

In summary:

Fitness levelTime
Mildly muscular3 months
Lean and skinny4 months
Underweight6 months

Why Does It Take So Long For A Skinny Person To Get Abs?

It takes so long for skinny people to get abs because they need to work for two purposes. Firstly, it is necessary to put on weight so that the muscles can be shaped accordingly. Secondly, the training process is a bit slow for them. This is due to the fact that high-intensity weight training might be too harsh in the beginning.

In addition to this concern, weight loss is also to be prevented as the body strives to return to the original condition. Therefore, the process is elongated. The initial sessions focus only on toning and stretching.

Other factors which further increase the duration include the type of abs desired. Six-pack abs can be attained earlier than eight-pack abs. The difference owes its existence to the flexibility of the muscles as well. Till the person gets six-pack abs, the body is accustomed to the routine.

In other words, the journey from six-packs to eight packs is shorter than the complete journey from a skinny figure to six-pack abs. Whey protein and steroids also meddle with the ab-making process. While the process might be accelerated due to these consumptions, the side effects rule out the efficiency completely.

Naturally formed abs stay longer and are healthy as well. Though whey protein is highly recommended by trainers, one must adjust the intake as per the bodily capacity. On the other hand, rigorous practice for a longer duration is enough to tone and enhance muscles as per the trainee’s expectations.


Nothing is more pleasurable than comparing one’s fitness journey. Once the abs are right in shape, more emphasis should be laid on the maintenance. It is rightly said that staying in shape is a lot more difficult than getting in shape. Trainers advise the new fitness enthusiasts to follow the same rules and regulations for a longer duration for consistency in weight.

With the passage of time, certain new exercises are bound to be included in the routine. One must stay grateful for one’s body and cherish the new development to the highest possible extent.


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