How Long Can A BP Patient Live (And Why)?

Exact Time: 1 year without treatment

Blood pressure is a vital part of our health. It is the type of pressure force that is pushing the blood to the walls of blood vessels which are in our body. It is measured using a sphygmomanometer. If high it can put a risk to blood vessels only. Then it can cause problems to many organs. High bp is also known as Hypertension.

It is written with the help of two numbers like 120/80.  ‘/’ this separates two numbers.  The first number we see is systolic pressure. The force blood pushes against artery walls is called Systolic pressure. The diastolic pressure is the other number after ‘/’. Diastolic pressure reflects a pressure, which is against the artery walls. With this pressure, the heart relaxes and ventricles are allowed to refill.

How Long Can A BP Patient Live

How Long Can A BP Patient Live

If bp is not treated, then if it becomes more then it results in an 80% chance of death of a man within one year. If it is not treated then bp can lead to many body organ failures. Bp can be high bp or low bp.

It has been found that if someone is suffering from High blood pressure his life expectancy reduces by five-year. The people with high bp have an average lifespan of 7.2 years less than normal people.

Men having high blood pressure who smoke and have increases cholesterol levels are more likely to die within 10 to 15 years. Mild bp, when medicated has little or no effect on lifespan.

Low blood pressure is 90/60 mm Hg or less than it. It is also known as hypotension. Basically, the doctor can only treat it if it is severe enough to cause any sort of symptoms. Low bp may be temporary or can be chronic.

Taking medicine in time like for many years can make a person live for many years. It needs monitoring. After a certain age of 65 and above person suffers from bp-related problems and many a time they die due to this only as heart functioning stops suddenly.

Blood Pressure levelTime For Death
Low Blood Pressuredepends on various factors
High Blood Pressurewithin one year

Why Does It Take So Long for A bp Patient To Live

bp depends mainly on how someone is living and what is his lifestyle. The food they eat also affects them. bp can be hereditary. bp depends mainly on some factors such as: how high was the bp at the initial stage or at the start, how they used to lower it, their health-related issues if any.

Low bp people don’t require medication it is temporary. A person can live while controlling low bp. But if bp becomes too low it causes fainting and death too. So, it mainly occurs due to dehydration, blood loss, lack of diet, heart problems. Although heart problems are survival-related topics. But in low bp, a person can survive with proper care.

Blood pressure increases with an increase in blood flow and vice versa from the heart. If the viscosity of blood is more then it will allow resistance to flow to various body parts. So, in one way influencing the age of the person. If blood vessels walls are not elastic then they won’t allow easy flow of blood that is increasing resistance to flow. Hence heart has to pump harder which can cause a heart attack.

The longer the vessel the more will be the resistance of blood flow. So causing soon death. Stress is also the biggest factor that causes the death of a person suddenly as it affects the whole body and hence dysfunctioning of organs. Remember blood pressure is also affected by stress.


There are many people who live with high blood pressure and can’t notice any symptoms of bp. The high BP causes damage to the body as time passes by and will almost certainly shorten your life. It can be controlled without medicine but it is very difficult to do it. Exercises, yoga, and changing the diet plan can do it sometimes. There are prescription medicines that can control bp. One of the important points is to control bp unless it harms you and causes a problem in your body.

If the person takes care of their lifestyle and way of living then any related illnesses similar to high bp won’t happen to them ever. A planned and effective diet and less stress with medications for lifetime contribution to a good and healthy life.


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