How Long Should A Person Walk To Lose Weight (And Why)?

Exact Time : 1 hour per day

Walking is the best form of exercise that helps in weight loss and provides health benefits. Many people think that walking is ineffective or inefficient in weight loss.



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Walking is one of the simple exercises that burn a lot of calories. There are various factors on which burning of calories while walking depends on:

  1. Your weight
  2. Your walking speed
  3. Area (terrain)
  4. Temperature (indoor/outdoor)
  5. Your age
  6. Your gender

The faster you walk the more calories you will burn. The average walking speeding of man is taken as 4.8kph.

Walking one hour each day helps in burning calories and so losing weight. The time spent in walking helps in weight loss.

It is being said if you want to lose weight then do proper dieting. Walking when combined with calorie-restricted food helps in losing weight more easily. In a 12 week study, people with obesity restricted calories by 500-800 per day. One group walked 3 hours per week at 6kph, while the other group didn’t walk.

One point, weight loss is also influenced by whether you walk continuously or in quick rush (sharp bursts).

How Long Should A Person Walk To Lose Weight 1

How Long Should A Person Walk To Lose Weight?

To lose weight you must eat few calories but not dieting as many a time dieting makes the body dull and so weak. It is being said that 0.45 kg of body weight equals 3,500 calories intake. So, in this way you can walk and hence use simple Maths how you can reduce these calories per day or week. A calorie- deficit of 500 calories per day is good for many people who want to lose weight.

Also, if you walk 30 minutes more, then there would be less gain of weight over a time.

This table estimates the number of calories burned per hour based on the following body weights and walking speeds :

Calories Burnt WithThese Speed
WEIGHT (IN KG)3.2 kph4 kph5.6 kph6.4 kph

Why Should A Person Walk To Lose Weight?

Walking has many benefits (especially when you walk multiple times per week):

  1. Decrease of bad cholesterol
  2. Improves good cholesterol
  3. Improves mood
  4. Decrease blood pressure
  5. So, reducing heart risks, diabetes and hence improves the quality of your life

Walking is important for weight control as it helps you burn calories. If you add 30 minutes of brisk walking to your daily routine, you could burn about 150 extra calories per day. As you know, the more you walk and the quicker your speed, the more calories you’ll burn.

Walking can help in preventing the muscle loss that occurs when you lose weight. Changing your relationship with your food by focusing on a new aspect of thoughtful eating each day can create a fit body.


It’s important to cause change in your routine as it make your routine engaging and challenging one. So, there are few tips:

  1. Modify your route: change your route, in a different neighborhood but not on the road
  2. Split- up your time of walking: split your time of 1 hour into two – 30 minutes of walk
  3. Change your shifts: like try walking in the evening or morning
  4. Walk with your friends or family: you get a companion so you can’t get bored so making you motivated
  5. Listen to the music or radio, etc.

You know it is very difficult to start any sort of exercise. but when you start them off you will really go to enjoy them. walking is one of the wonderful exercises that can engage most people First of all it is easy to do with respect to other exercises. It is being said to start gradually and progressively increase the duration and speed of walking.

Walking helps in reducing fats by burning calories. You should pay attention to the calorie intake as walking will be of no use if calorie intake is more. Remember to increase and shake up your routine to reach your goal of walking and stay motivated as when you will lose hope then you will stop walking so increasing your weight. Also, don’t stop walking as you stop walking then your whole hard work goes into vain as you may get more fat.

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