How Long For French Press (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Four Minutes

Getting on straight, every other person has a soft corner in their tongue when the topic comes to a cup of coffee. Cold or hot depends upon the individual as everyone is free to opt for what they like. 

Starting with the basic details, from the roasted coffee beans, a brewed drink originates. The drink that we call “Coffee”. Tea indeed is the most famous drink in Asian countries. However, coffee too has a legacy of its own. 

Legends say the person saying no to coffee is either depressed or has no worries at all in his life. 

How Long For French Press

How Long For French Press?

Items In The French PressDuration
Coffee Four minutes (with a normal algorithm)
TeaThree to seven minutes (depends upon the type of tea)

Well, only a person who has attained eternal contentment will say no to a coffee, let alone deny a French press. People in the western and cold countries prefer the French press the most. It is like their regular necessity. 

The French press has several names across the seas. At some places, it is called the coffee pot or coffee press, whereas there are people who acknowledge the device with names such as a coffee plunger or coffee brewer. 

After all, the thing that gets the most love has more adorable names too, like Pistons, etc. 

In any case, the French press is a device that serves as a coffee brewing machine. However, apart from solely brewing coffee, a French press also helps in other tasks too. French press is the perfect substitute for a tea infuser as it can brew loose tea without disturbing the ambiance. 

However, a person must consider the case that an uncleaned French press can not act effectively for both tea and coffee. Only if the device is clean, can a person get two distinct tastes from both the beverages. 

One can add coarsely ground coffee and boiled water to the device to get a delicious cup of paradise. It takes only three to four minutes for the device to accomplish the process required to brew a cup of coffee. 

In the meantime, the coarse powder and boiled water make a perfect blend, and then comes the tastiest beverage. 

Why Does It Take So Long For French Press?

A running French press is the best sight to feel in the morning, especially when it is a winter morning. Not only limited to a morning rejuvenation, a brewed coffee from a French press is a refresher too. 

The corporate sector workers and those who work for late hours prefer coffee at least twice a day. Coffee, when just out of a French press has an active fragrance to it and sends power down the spine. 

That is why the people who work for late hours sip coffee between regular intervals to maintain the work pace and avoid dizziness. It relaxes the mind and provides a person with a temporary, but immediate zing. 

There is a specific procedure of how a French press works and delivers. Putting any algorithm is not going to turn the tide towards the seashore. To make sure the brewing process works in the way it should, it is essential to give some time. 

A person preparing coffee in the French press must make sure that the water he has poured into the device is at the correct temperature. Slight dampness in the temperature will destroy the complete essence of the coffee. 

Not only water but the coffee powder must also be thoroughly grounded to make sure there will be a perfect blend inside the French press. 


With all these processes to verify, there is no doubt that the French press takes a few minutes to register them all. 

After all, four minutes is not something one can not afford. The time is affordable and if the outcome is as tasty as it is, even a slight delay will not be much of a nuisance. 

If that was not enough, a French press comes in handy and one can carry it with himself to the workplace and enjoy a few sips there too. That for sure is bliss for coffee lovers. Being transportable is one of its best advantages.



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