How Long Does a Silk Press Last - (And Why)?

How Long Does a Silk Press Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 weeks

You might be probably looking for a lovely method to preserve your hair, well why don’t you think of a silk press. A silk press is an amazing professional women style which does not apply using chemicals to change your natural hair to a smooth and softened state.

Also, a silk press allows your hair to feel relaxed, silky, smooth and straightened for a span of sometimes using a flat iron as well as heat protectants.

It is also best when you want to experience the length of your hair since this feeling is amazing, especially during a windy season when the wind blows your hair. Furthermore, it helps you relax your hair by transforming its texture to curl-free.

How Long Does a Silk Press Last

How long does a silk press last?

How long your silk press lasts depends on how well you maintain it. Therefore it can last for two good weeks, and for some, through proper maintenance, it can go as far as three weeks, especially when your hair is not wet down.

Moreover, if you have come into contact with moisture, it will transform your hair to its natural status, so the longevity of your hair depends on you at an individual level.

Factors that will determine how long your silk press can last

Avoid wetting your hair

After making your hair, it is good that you avoid wetting it; it does not matter how well your hair maker has set your hair when it comes in contact with water; it is done. Therefore you should put this significant factor into consideration to increase the longevity of your silk press. Furthermore, during showering, make sure you have your shower cap on.

Visit your stylist as as possible

Many of you need to look awesome but have never considered going to a hair professional. You should always know that some of these styles need knowledge of the stylist, especially when it comes to heat styles. Moreover, these stylists accomplish their work by giving you a stunning and impressive look. On the other they will always be at your service anytime you need them. I t is recommendable that you have a professional who will help you in managing your silk press and elongate its span of lasting.

Use minimal products

Using too many products on your hair will lead to breakage of your hair hence causing it to weigh down. Use a little silk essential before you rap it and retire to bed as this will ensure your silk press to elongate how long it would last and why.

Wrap it up

Most often, if you are free and not going anyway, you should wrap it up to prolong the duration of your silk press. Apply this too when you are going to bed, you can either use the satin wrap, doobie protective wrap as well as a scarf. Implement this also during harsh weather conditions, which are not favorable for your hair.


If you are for beauty, you will not hesitate to follow these basic factors that influence how long your hair can last as well as why for that particular period. Therefore I hope that most of you, after acquiring a silk press you will maintain it properly to elongate its lasting.


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