How Long Should A Person Walk A Day (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30-45 Minutes

Walking is the most common exercise that most doctors recommend to people of all ages. Walking slowly and gently is the best way to get the most benefit out of it. Morning walks should be done regularly to keep your blood flowing and increase your energy level before starting your day. Walking daily not only keeps your body healthy but also helps to maintain correct body weight. On an average one should be able to walk at least 3000 steps in a day. By the end of the week, you should be able to complete more than 10,000 steps depending on your age.  

How Long Should A Person Walk A Day

How Long Should A Person Walk A Day?

People Of Different Age GroupsTime To Spend Walking Daily
13-19 YearsOne hour
20-35 Years30-40 minutes
40-60 Years30  minutes

Different age groups will have the different energy levels and from the above table, you can see that teenagers should spend at least an hour or more on physical activity. Whereas a person above the age of 60 cannot spend more than one-hour doing the physical activity because of their age.

People belonging to the age group between 20-35 years should spend at least more than half an hour walking because they have the energy to do physical activity. By the end of the week, one should be able to complete more than 7000 steps. A person completing below 5000 steps in a week is considered to be inactive.

Why should a person walk for at least half an hour? Well, half an hour is more than enough to get enough energy for the whole day. With an average speed, you can complete about half a mile. So, 30-45 minutes is the accurate time for spending morning walks in your nearby parks.

Walking will help your blood flow more rapidly with a high amount of oxygen-carrying to each cell of the body and thus you will gain energy. If you have excess fats then walking will help reduce that but you should walk regularly.

Along with many other things, your internal organs will function properly like your heart and lungs. There will be less chance that you will suffer heart disease or from a stroke if you have the habit of walking. Other than that your bones will become stronger and improve your blood pressure level.

Why Does A Person Should Walk That Long?

Well, I am sure that you do not want to be inactive throughout the day. Walking is a good activity for people of every age. Therefore, 30-45 minutes is the accurate time for spending some time walking. There was a study that showed that people who walked for more than 40 minutes every day reduced their heart risk by more than 25%.

There is no difference between men and women because both males and females should spend the same amount of time doing physical activity. It is mostly the men who suffer from heart-related illness so they should be more into physical activity.

Do not walk like you do not want to because you should walk at a brisk pace like at least three to four miles an hour. However, there is a difference between jogging and walking so much time is required for those people who walk. Jogging is the advanced version of walking and therefore walking should be done much more than jogging to get more benefits.


In the end, you should take care of your body. You will know how many calories you should take in and how much your body needs to exercise regularly. This way not only your internal organs will be fit but also there will be an overall change in your physical outlook. You will begin to notice changes in your skin where you will see that your skin has got much glowing skin than before.

This is only because more and more blood flowing to the different parts of your body. However, the only exercise will not help if you consume unhealthy foods. So, try to maintain a strict diet whenever you start doing your morning walks regularly. Try to keep an aim for the week and complete that by focussing on it. Within a few months see the expected results.


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  1. This approach to daily walking is much needed in our sedentary lifestyle today, I find this very helpful.

  2. The article brings a very informative and helpful approach to walking which very busy people can follow daily.

  3. The article is seemingly comical, especially the part where it explains how much glowing skin one can get by walking.

  4. The article is seemingly comical, especially the part where it explains how much glowing skin one can get by walking.

  5. The article brings out a good argument for why people should walk for 30-45 minutes, backed by scientific studies.

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