How Long Do Coils Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Coils Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 to 2 Weeks

Vaping refers to inhaling the vapor of an E-cigarette or some else vaping device. Electronic cigarettes are charged by a battery device that has nicotine and other flavorings in liquid form, the device changes them into vapor and the person intakes the vapor through the device, and the process is called vaping.

The vape coil is something that heats the e-cigarette and converts it into vapor. And hence, they are the crucial part of the E-cigarette device. It is, essentially, the wire twisted in a spiral shape, and wrapped around the part of the device which contains the material of the E-cigarette.

How Long Do Coils Last

How Long Do Coils Last?

The accurate time duration of how long does a vape coil last depends upon a lot of factors, like the quality of the coil being used, the e-liquid which is being used with the coil, how frequently is the vape device being used, and the voltage with which it is being used.

However, the average duration of a coil is about one to two weeks.

The wires which are manufactured with higher durability would last just a bit longer than the usual ones, a person should know the type of wire they need to use. Some common types of wires are Kanthal, Nichrome, and Stainless Steel. Nichrome has 80% of Nickel and 20% of Chromium. Kanthal, on the other hand, carries Iron, Aluminum, and Chromium. Further, Stainless Steel has Carbon, Chromium, and Nickel.

The second factor which determines how long the coils last, is the type of E-liquid which is being used. The liquids which carry added sweeteners will wear off the coils faster than the ones which do not have the added sweeteners, this is because the sweeteners affect the coil wires which head up.

Further, one of the most crucial aspects which affects the duration of how long will the coil last is the usage. That means, how frequently the vape is being used. The higher number of usages would naturally have the lower amount of time the coil would last. However, there are ways by which the coil could be made to last longer such as cleaning up the coil regularly, etc.  

Type of WireThe Metal
KanthalIron, Aluminum, Chromium
Nichrome80% Nickel, 20% Chromium
Stainless SteelCarbon, Chromium, Nickel

Why Do Coils Last For 1 to 2 Weeks?

The main signal that a vape coil needs to change is the change in taste. The vape starts to taste burnt as the coil needs changing, and the taste is pretty evident.

The reason vape coils burn so fast could be because of the use of sugary or fruity flavors, which harm the coil. The sugary or fruity flavors, with added sweeteners, harm the coil because they are caramelized, which makes the coil heat up more to vaporize it and give the burnt taste.

Moreover, the other reason why the vape coils burn out fast is because of the frequency with which the vaping device is being used. If a person is a heavy vaper, the coils would burn up faster and would need frequent changing. However, if the person is a light smoker, and only uses vape once or twice a week, the coil would last longer and can be changed even after 2 weeks. The main concern lies in the times it is being used.

The coil could also last longer if it is being used regularly but the person is not using fruity or sweet E-liquids with added sweeteners, this would enhance the life of the coil. Further, the coil should be cleaned regularly and nicely, which could also prevent it from getting burnt fast.

The ways to make a vape coil last longer could include avoiding taking a dry hit, when there is not enough E-liquid in the device, giving break in between each puff, cleaning the excessive juice when the device is not being used, etc.  


The vape is a device that is used to smoke E-cigarettes, it heats the E-liquid which contains nicotine and other flavorings, and turns it into vapor, which is then inhaled by the person using the vaping device. The coil is the wire wrapped around the part of the device which contains the E-liquid, and the coil is responsible for heating it and turning it into vapor. The average duration of how long a coil lasts is about one to two weeks but can depend on several factors such as the quality of the coil, the type of E-liquid, and the frequency of the usage, etc.  


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