How Long Is A Basketball Court (And Why)?

How Long Is A Basketball Court (And Why)?

Exact Length: 91.86 ft

The length of the basketball court is approximate 91.86 ft. The court is rectangular in shape, with the baskets fixed in the corner of the court. Polished woods are used to make an indoor basketball court. Standard paving materials such as concrete (or asphalt) are used for making outdoor basketball courts.

The dimensions of every basketball court may differ, as it comes in a variety of sizes. The height of the basket to be placed above the floor is fixed. The basket should be placed at a distance of 3.05 meters from the floor.

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How Long Is A Basketball Court?

Marking Of The Court Dimensions
Endline and baseline49.21 feet
Side lines91.86 feet
Mid court45.93 feet
Centre circle11.81 feet (diameter)
Three point line22.14 feet (from the basket)
Free throw circle11.81 feet
Free throw line11.81 feet
Key/ free throw lane lines16 feet by 19 feet

The basketball court differs according to the requirement of the place. For example, the basketball court in schools would be 84 feet long. If you follow the FIBA (International basket federation) rules, then the length will be 91.9 feet. The courts made under FIBA rules are quite smaller, as compared to other courts. In the center circle, only 2 players are allowed to enter.

This occurs when the game is about to start, and the referee is about to throw the ball. In the initial stage of the game, the referee would throw the ball in the air. Then the players (two) are supposed to take the ball in their favor. All these actions take place in the center circle. Not every player is allowed to enter in the center circle.

The basketball court has many other parts of the court present in it. The basketball court has a center circle, baskets(corner), three-point line, low post area, perimeter, and many other lines. To cover all these in the basketball court, the area of the basketball court is fixed. You won’t see all the basketball courts of similar length.

The international standard basketball court is mainly 28 metres long, and the width is 15 metres. These dimensions of the basketballs court are considered to be a more flexible and convenient court for the players. The area for any professional basketball court is 420 metres square. You can’t say a fixed length of any basketballs court, as it depends on the area decided for making the basketball court.

The measurement of the area (length and width) is the same for all the professional basketball courts. No one can reduce the width lines of the basketball court, as it is fixed to reach professional standards. There are many unprofessional basket courts (in schools or colleges), and the measurements may be different for basketball courts.

You can’t compare a professional basketball court with the usual basketball courts used for learning and practicing purposes.

Why The Basketball Court Is This Long?

The length of the basketball court is measured by measuring the sidelines. The sidelines of the basketball court are the main way to know how long the basketball court is. The end line (and baseline) of the basketball court is about 15 meters in length. The mid-court line is about 14 meters long and is the halfway (mark) on the basketball court.
The diameter of the center circle is approximately 3.6 meters in measurement. All these measurements are supposed to be accurate to meet professional standards. Therefore, the length of the basketball court is about 91.86 feet. There are many sections, things, and places to be fixed on the basketball court. The player’s comfort and convenience are important before fixing the length of a basketball court.


The dimensions of the professional basketball court are fixed to match the professional standards. The length of the basketball court depends on the area used for the basketball court. The length of the basketball court is the same for all the professional courts but different for the normal basketballs courts.

The basketball court should be made following the professional standards, as the measurement suits the game played by the players.


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