How Long To Beat Doom (And Why)?

How Long To Beat Doom (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 25 hours

The players may have to hold the patience for 25 hours (average) to beat the doom video game. The renowned designed video game has many different phases and aspects to be covered. The game is filled and designed with 3D graphics and a high-quality Doom WAD format. The video game is a first-person shooter video game with multiplayer networking.

The game is designed in a way to support multiplayer gaming zone. The game Doom came into play in 1993 and was a big hit. The game series came with many other comic books, sequels, and novels. You will see board games and film adaptations with a concept similar to that of the video game Doom.

How Long To Beat Doom

How Long To Beat Doom?

For Single PlayerAverage Time Coverage
Main story11 hours 54 minutes
Main and extras16 hours 54 minutes
Completionists27 hours 08 minutes
All Playstyles15 hours 24 minutes

Beating and completing all the phases of the video game Doom is a long time taking task. The game Doom requires 20 to 25 hours for completing all the phases. In this game, the player has to control a space marine that would be unnamed. The main lead in this game will be recognized as Slayer (or Doom slayer).

The undead and demons (forces of hell) are battled by the player in this game. Some parts (phases) of the video game are settled in hell, while others are put up in mars (or a moon). The game is very restrictive and has a limited focus on the main plot (Story). You will be able to find the story in the manual and not in the main video game.

The game that came in 2016 had focused mostly on the main story (narrative). The game has many interesting them, one of them is the weapon. The game would offer complete eight weapons. The best part is the players would be able to access all the weapons together just by switching them one after another. There are some levels in the video game that would feature hidden areas and key cards (colored cards).

The game is quite old and is developed with time. You will see a huge difference between the traditional and latest version of the video game Doom.

Why It Takes This Long To Beat Doom?

The game doom is quite unique with many new technical additions in the latest version. The kill mechanic and many other additions of technologies made this game Doom more time taking. The game has many obstacles challenges to be overcome by the players. The players may take more than usual time to complete all the challenges in the beginner.

Experience is another factor to determine why the game Doom is this long. There are many fresh payers with extremely less knowledge of gaming. These players may take some time to understand how to play and control the game. The players with good experience and dedication will be able to crack (beat) this game within less time.

The game became extremely famous due to its graphics and technical features. The game plot was used for novels, movies and comic books, and tabletop games. The game is very old but has not lost its charm. People with good patience and a desire to beat the game Doom should play it for fun. It’s mandatory to play all the series and levels properly, as you can’t jump to another series without playing the previous one.

The most important part that makes the game quite long is the story. The story itself is lengthy and has many levels. To complete everything present in the game, the player needs up to 25 hours.


One of the most versatile games with many interesting features. The video game is designed in a way to encourage the player spirit of the folks. The game is not so tough but needs special attention to be understood properly. All the sequels of the game are customized with something new and engrossing.

The players should always try to play all the series of the game to have a better idea about how to beat the video game Doom.


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