How Long Is A Bowling Lane (And Why)?

How Long Is A Bowling Lane (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 60 To 62 Feet

There are over millions of indoor and outdoor games, and while are known only in certain countries, some games are always played all over the world. Some games are played both indoor and outdoor, and one of them is certainly bowling. Some people play bowling while they want to kill time or play a game indoors, but some people are more serious.

There are bowling alleys everywhere around the world, and even bowling leagues are conducted as competitions. There are hundreds of bowling leagues and players who love competing in bowling leagues. When one has the passion to bowl, they should know everything there is to know about bowling, its history, and its rules.

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How Long Is A Bowling Lane?

Width of the bowling lane41.5 inches (1.05 m)
Length of the lane in feet60 to 62 feet
Length of the lane in meters18.3 meters

Some people know the game as bowling while knowing it as ten-pin bowling. In this type of bowling, the simple words to describe the entire game are, at the end of the lane, ten bowling pins will be placed, and the bowling ball must be used to knock out all the balls.

Ten-pin bowling, which is also popularly known as bowling, is a game where the one holding the ball, called the bowler, rolls the bowling ball down the lane, which should hit all the ten bowling pins that are placed at the end of the lane. The bowling pins will be placed evenly in four rows, at the far end of the lane in even four rows. The game is to knock down all the ten pins in the first strike, and after that, if one fails, they will get a second chance of roll, which will be called the spare.

The approach area is about 15 feet, around 5 meters, where the bowler will use their speed to bowl the ball, and sometimes it can end up in the foul line, which is around the end of every bowling lane. The lane is about 41.5 to 42 inches wide, which can be converted into 105 cm, and the length of the lane is 18 m, which is around 60 to 62 feet.

There are many places one can refer to the dimensions, like the “Bowling Equipment”, The Rule book, Spaulding Book of Rules, and even on the internet, on pages like Bowling: Lanes and Equipment in

Why Is A Bowling Lane That Long?

There is no technical reason why the bowling lanes are around 60 to 62 feet, which is about 18 to 25 meters. The length begins at the center where the headpin is placed at one end, and it will be about 15 feet from the foul line. The lane has 39 wooden boards, and they are made out of wood, lined with synthetic material.

The approach has two different sets of dots, and one is marked in the 12th foot, and the next in the 15th foot, which is behind the foul line. This will help the players to get a good foot placement while bowling.

The game consists of ten frames, and the pins will be positioned in a triangle, and the pins are made out of wood. Though they are made out of wood, they will be covered will a plastic layer so that the wood doesn’t break at times when the bowling ball hits them, or when they hit the foul line.


Bowling is certainly an indoor game and it is one of the most popular games in the USA, but the game originated in Ancient Egypt. After that, the game was spread around by Europeans, especially to countries like North and South America.

The bowling balls weigh less than 16 pounds, and they are never made out of metals. The materials are synthetic, and they also have finger holes for the bowler to put their fingers in while bowling to handle the ball well.

The length of the alley is always around 60 to 62 feet, and the dimensions must be perfect while they are being constructed because it’s a game and needs the right dimensions.


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