How Long Is Hulu Free Trial (And Why)?

How Long Is Hulu Free Trial (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Days

There are many websites and apps in the world right now for practically anything and everything a person wants to know and do. Every app, website, and platform serves its purpose and while are very popular, some are certainly not. Some platforms were created for entertainment, and one such platform is Hulu. There are many websites, platforms, that offer things to people when they want to attract more users and become popular.

When one wants to watch a movie in their home, they either put in the CDs and watch, or sometimes, one just switches on the OTT streaming platform and watches the movies and tv shows. Hulu is one of the most popular OTT video streaming platforms, after Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, and some others.

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How Long Is Hulu Free Trial?

Trial with ads30 days
Trial without ads30 days
Hulu+Live TV7 days

One drawback about Hulu is that it doesn’t serve in any other country, except the USA and Japan. Hulu also offers free trials for a particular duration, so that people can find what the platform is all about and if they like using it enough to pay for a subscription.

There are many free online video streaming platforms like Youtube but paid OTT streaming platforms do have their advantages. When one wants to know more about Hulu before they pay for a membership, they always look for ways to find out if the platform is good enough to pay for a subscription.

Hulu is one of the better OTT video streaming platforms, and the platform is owned by The Walt Disney Company and NBCUniversal, with 67% and 33% of shares. Though the platform is coowned, the parent company of Hulu is Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution.

The URL of the website is, and they advertise their features to get more users. Registration is a must to get into the platform altogether first, and the platform was first launched on October 29th, 2007, and the company launched Hulu with Live TV for collaboration in 2017. After this partnership, the number of Hulu subscribers spike up to 43.8 million subscribers worldwide.

Why Is A Hulu Free Trial That Long?

Hulu was the first streaming platform to add a plus to its name, and launch a subscription service, which offers seasons of tv shows, undelayed, and also movies. Hulu is filled with tv shows, movies, kids’ shows, life and on-demand, and many more, making the platform very profitable and it is the one platform for the whole family.

After Hulu noticed that people just don’t subscribe all of a sudden immediately, they offered plans and trials, which were free for a while, so that people can understand and know what Hulu is exactly about before they invest in it. The free trial of Hulu is for 30 days, with and without advertisements. There is also another great plan, which includes Hulu+Live TV free for 7 days.

After the free trial is over, one has to pay to get the subscription and Hulu will not notify its customers after the free trial has expired. When one doesn’t want to pay for their subscription as they didn’t like the free trial, they should make sure to cancel before the trial gets over, or else, payment will be deducted.

To start a Hulu free trial, one must first visit the Hulu plans page on their PC and click the start your free trial button. After that, they must choose a plan, and type in their email address required personal information, and password.


The payment method must be selected to confirm the free trial, although there will be no payment required, and the page must be submitted. One can log in to any device that supports Hulu, personalize what they want to watch and finally watch Hulu.

Just like every other OTT platform, Hulu also requires the payment details to make the authorization hold, though no money will be deducted from them. Yet, this will allow them to convert the user’s free trial account into a full-time membership account if the trial isn’t canceled before it ends.


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