How Long Does A Person Spend On The Toilet (And Why)?

Exact Answer: For 1 hour and 50 minutes in a week (on an average)

Let’s just say a person spends at least 10 minutes on the toilet to poop or 3650 minutes a year. It also depends on personal factors. Some may have diarrhea, some may have constipation, some people may be in a rush to go somewhere, some people are lactose intolerant. So it depends on the person, place, and the situation. But an average person may spend 1hr -2hr in a week.



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Well, some people may have to go to the toilet twice a day. They spend 30 minutes on the toilet per day. However, if they are accompanied by a tablet or cell phone they may spend a little longer than before.

How Long Does A Person Spend On The Toilet?

Minimum time a person spend on the toilet110 minutes/week
Maximum time a person spend on the toilet150 minutes/week

Nowadays we spend a considerable amount of time on the toilet not for popping only but because we are busy doing mobile stuff like gaming or simply scrolling down.

Health experts say that you shouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes in the toilet. If you spend more than this then it will cause many problems. It’s better if you spend less than this time. If you spend more time with your phone in the toilet then your phone will lot more susceptible to germs. Another reason why you should lessen the time of the toilet is that sitting for too can cause hemorrhoids and protruding blood vessels through the anus.

When we talk about mammals, they take only about 12 seconds to poop. Evolution has made this process quickly because they are more vulnerable to be attacked by predators while doing toilet. Luckily we humans are not coming under wild animals they can poop in a better safer place in a bathroom taking a little longer than mammals. However, it’s can’t be decided how much time you take to poop. But reports say it shouldn’t be too long and not more than 15 minutes. Anyone who spends more time likely to have hemorrhoids, constipation, or other conditions.

Some people report only going toilet three times a week where some report going three times a day. Age, weight, height, food, underlying diseases are some of the factors for which the frequency of going toilet may vary from every two persons.

Why Does A Person Spend So Long On The Toilet?

Toilets have been now a place where you can have a break from the commotion of life and can spend alone in a silent place do whatever without interruption. In the wild, It was explained by Yang that a quick and easy poop can be the way of survival. Animals only use 12 seconds to poop. This is because their poop attracts predators, which is a life-risking activity for them. So most of the mammals irrespective of their size takes 12 seconds to poop out. If they stay longer doing this activity they are risking their lives on their own.

Bowel movement is a part of the natural digestive process for most animals including humans. After nutrients are absorbed from food and water by the body the waste products are eliminated in the form of poop and pee. When you eliminate stool from your body it requires the work of the defecation reflex.

When defecation reflex is triggered when the muscles of the colon contract the stool moves towards the rectum and this is called “mass movement”. When enough stool moves towards the rectum this causes the rectum tissue to stretch. And these stretch signal goes to the brain. Then If you decide to defecate your brain activates the voluntary and involuntary muscles to move the stool forward and out of the body.

If you don’t go to the bathroom and decide not to poop, then the muscles in the anal sphincter move the stool a little backward. When the human stool is healthy it is 70 percent solid and 30 percent fluid.


You should always take steps so that your stool could easily pass through the rectum. This will only happen when you eat good food and drink plenty of water. You should include high fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You shouldn’t also stop the urge to poop when you feel the reflex. If you have constipation which makes you spend a lot of time on the toilet then consult your doctor.

A doctor may prescribe you stool softeners to make stool easier to pass through the rectum. And If you are diagnosed with a defecation disorder, then the doctor may address you with some underlying diseases. Physical activities like exercising, jogging, and yoga practice could make a difference in this condition.


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