How Long Is A Double Bed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 54″ Wide And 75″ Long

Double beds are a common feature in many households. A double bed is a type of bed that has two full-size mattresses. 

The length of a double bed varies depending on its size and type. This is why some go as far long as eight feet.  

The average double bed is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, which means it will take up a good portion of space in the bedroom.  

If one is considering purchasing one for their home, make sure to measure out the planned location first to ensure there’s enough room for it before making any purchases.


How Long Is A Double Bed?

Double bed54” (137 Cm) Wide And 75” (191 Cm) Long
Queen bed6 feet, 8 inches
Single bed30, 36, or 42 inches

In the United States, a double bed is 75 inches long. However, it is a little more complicated than just measuring from side to side, and once again, it depends on the mattress size and any other furniture in the room with it. 

A typical queen-size mattress, for example, is 60 inches (5 feet) in width by 80 inches, so if one has a sofa next to the bed, chances are one part will stick out just a bit more than the other. This would make measuring exactly how big of an area is taken up by one’s bed higher on the priority list than just how many feet or meters there are from one edge to another at their widest.

The length of a mattress is measured in total centimeters, even if it’s written as an imperial measurement like “Queen Size” or “Twin XL.” This means that the measurements are whatever listed size multiplied by one hundred, which means the size would read as 75 “x190” for example. 

The same holds for single beds, which are 30, 36, or 42 inches. They are measured in centimeters, not feet or inches, so they would read as 31cm x 191cm or 65cm x 188cm depending on how one measures them for consistency purposes. Sometimes, the length will correspond with what is standard in that country. 

Why Would A Double Bed Be So Long?

The answer is that a long bed can provide more space for motion, letting one feel freer to sleep in comfortable positions. A double bed is 54 inches wide and about 75 inches long.  

However, the most popular size is different in various parts of the world; for example, a twin or half can range from 38 to 42 inches wide, depending on the part of the world.

Longer beds are popular in many cultures because they create opportunities to experiment and enjoy greater freedom without feeling cramped or confined by standard mattress sizes. 

The queen-sized mattress provides plenty of room to take advantage of this freedom–expect even more if one purchases a mattress set.

A double bed is longer than a mattress because people sleep with their heads at each end of the bed, not in line with the middle.

This also allows for enough space to place two pillows on either side of a person’s head without having them get in each other’s way. 

Some call these “corner” pillows, while others might call them “shoulder” or even “cuddle” pillows. There are also some risks to sleeping off-center, and one could injure themselves sliding between spaces between a single and a double bed where they don’t fit anymore as they have grown up from being infants too old for those low corners that were just right for cuddling then.

Also, bed firmness is difficult to gauge as it varies from person to person and many other factors play into how soft or hard a bed feels.


There are over 35% of people who can’t get enough sleep. This is why having a double bed that is spacious and comfortable is essential.

Two mattresses with the same nominal size might have significantly different dimensions, owing to tolerances in the manufacturing process, amount of cushioning, and support type. 

While beds are rectangles, one may specially order in more unusual shapes, such as circular beds. The typical double bed is the best for single sleepers. 

To put it another way, it’s bigger than a twin mattress and somewhat more significant than a queen mattress. It is also suitable for special arrangements and comfortable sleeping.



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