How Long Is The Game Awards (And Why)?

How Long Is The Game Awards (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 hours

The Game Awards would go around 3 hours. In the game awards, many trailers would show up. The Game awards would also take some time to celebrate any achievement of the game developers. The achievements are celebrated for game developers in past 1 year. Many game lovers and fans watch the Game Awards for sure without caring for the prizes.

The Game awards mainly happen in the cold month of December.  The viewers would get to see the event live from the Microsoft theatre. At this theatre in Los Angeles, an in-person ceremony would happen. The viewers can also see the Game Awards through many video platforms as the organizer would give the benefits to the fans.

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How Long Is The Game Awards?

Game Awards How Long Is The Game Awards
In minutes180 minutes
In hours3 hours

The evening of the Game Awards would be a great event to watch many celebrities distributing the prizes. The Game Awards would show outstanding trailers for the upcoming games. The Game Awards would give any news related to the game reveals for the upcoming years. There will be many playable demos dropping during the whole show of Game Awards.

The Game Awards would also have the Game Award Sale. There would be many game companies that would make announcements. The nominations would not be revealed before the show begin. The winners are decided from the nominations. The winners are mainly selected by the votes of the audience and jury combination.

The audience votes would acquire 10 percent of the whole part. The remaining 90 percent of the part would go to the decision of the jury. Everyone can cast their votes for their favourite nomination by visiting the Game Awards website.

The nominations would be there for the following:
Game of the Year
Best Game Direction
Best Narrative
Best Art Direction
Best Audio Design
Best Score and Music
There are many other nominations that will be there in the Game Awards.

The Game Awards take around 3 hours as there are many events that would take place in the Awards show. The public voting to choose the nominations is not 100 percent as it would bring some complications. For example, if a game is only restricted to one platform, then the public votes would not come for such a game.

As public doesn’t give advantages to games that are for a single platform.

Why Is The Game Awards This Long?

The time length of the game awards is long. This Game Award is an annual awards ceremony in the video game industry. The game journalist Geoff Keighley would be responsible to produce the show. The advisory committee of the Game Awards would be having representatives from different platforms.

The time of the award goes extremely long as it covers many categories for giving awards. The show needs to show trailers to the audience that would again take much time. Mainly, the games nominated in the show should come before a specific date in November. If a game would come after that specific date, then it would not be eligible for the nominations.

Many digital storefronts such as PlayStation Store, Steam, Xbox Games Store, and Steam would provide many of the nominated games on sale after the event is over. The advisory committee of the Game Awards will not take part in the voting process. A list of games is provided by the news outlets during the nomination process.

The committee is responsible to select the most nominated games for voting by the news outlets.


The Game Awards would take around 3 hours to end. Sometimes, the time may increase due to the addition of a few more events. All the voting awards are complete decisions of the jury and public voting. There is no interference of the show sponsors or the advisory board committee. The winner list will not be revealed before the event.

The entry in the Game Awards will not require any forms or fees from the developer or publisher of the games.



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