How Long Is A King Size Bed (And Why)?

How Long Is A King Size Bed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 80 inches

The king-size beds are considered as one of the most perfect-sized beds for the main bedroom. The king-size bed is a great choice for couples, as it gives a lot of space. Many families take king-size beds as a good choice for their kids. The length of the king-size bed would be around 80 inches long. The bed is extremely long for giving the comfort for a good sleep.

A bed with space and comfort is chosen by many people. Nobody would take a bed with less space, as it will be difficult for people to sleep in. The length of the king-size bed could differ, as it depends on many other aspects. The mattress of the beds is something that may increase the length of a king-size bed.

In average terms, the width of the king-size would be around 76 inches which are quite big.

How Long Is A King Size Bed

How Long Is A King Size Bed?

Types Of King Size BedHow Long Is A King-Size Bed
Eastern king-size beds80 inches
California king-size bed84 inches

The exact length of the king-size bed should be somewhere around 80 inches long. There are many people who choose to do modifications to their beds, and this can affect the size of the bed. Adding extra design would call for many size differences in the bed. There are some mattresses that make the bed look longer by size.

If the person chooses to use a bulky mattress, then the bed would be bigger in size. If the mattress is not modified at all, then there will not be any change in the bed size. For example, if someone takes a mattress 2 inches more than the normal mattress size, then the bed would increase by size. It’s because it is important to have a bed size more than the size of the mattress.

The clean look of the bed comes when you choose the correct size of mattress for it. It’s difficult to predict the dimensions of the king-size bed, as it would vary with designs and modifications. It’s always recommended to make the bed 3-5 inches longer than the mattress. The size of the king-size bed would not be the same always, as not everyone is going to follow the same design.

You can ask the manufacturer of the bed to provide you with the correct size details for king size bed. The person can talk to the manufacturer for any size change or modification required for the bed. The length of king size bed should not go beyond 85 inches, as the standard average length should not be above 85 inches.

Why Is A King Size Bed This Long?

King size beds are quite versatile and can be great for one’s house. The king-size beds are specially designed for providing support and comfort to the customers. To avoid any discomfort while enjoying the sound sleep, the concept of king size bed was introduced. Families with more members should take king-size beds as one of the best recommendations.

The king-size beds would be extremely beneficial for people who love their space while sleeping. There are many people who keep on changing their position while sleeping. All these would not be an issue if you have king-size beds in your home. King size beds are very comfortable as compared to double or single beds.

It depends on the number of members to sleep on the bed and the size of the room. The king-size beds are exceptionally good to be set in the main bedroom. Many people choose king-size beds for their room, as they add extra beauty to the room. It depends on the person’s choice. Anybody looking for big and huge beds could try king size bed.

People looking for small beds can try any other beds with short length.


Choosing the right size bed is vital for helping people to avoid ack issues. There is very limited type of beds for the growing population. Everyone should look for the correct size of bed that would be comfortable for the body.


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