How Long Do Tape In Extensions Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Tape In Extensions Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 8 weeks

The tape-in extensions will not last more than 8 weeks. Some people may have to re-tapped it in 6 weeks. The salon professional will tell you the average time for the lasting period of tape-in extensions. There are many other conditions and factors that may influence the lasting time of the tape in extensions. You will be able to reuse the extensions 2 to 3 times.

No person should use the reuse extensions more than 3 times if not asked by the hair expert. Many people choose to use hair extensions for a longer time. This will create a huge problem for your hair. The overuse of hair extension can damage your hair. It would increase the frizziness of your hair. The hair extension would not look natural to your hair color if you overuse them.

How Long Do Tape In Extensions Last

How Long Do Tape In Extensions Last?

Tape-In Hair Extensions How Long Do Tape-In Extensions Last
Minimum lasting time6 weeks
Maximum lasting time8 weeks

The tape-in extensions need some care and maintenance to last long. The tape-in extensions may ask for re-tapping in very few days if you won’t take care of them. After the tape in the extension process is completed, the salon professional will ask you to do a few things. It may be using different hair care products, or techniques to wash your hair.

All these would help your hair extensions to last longer. There are many people that don’t care about the hair extensions after the process is done. The people would still use the same haircare range and without any change. It’s not true that the person has to change the haircare entirely.

The salon professional would suggest the best hair care range that would make the extension last longer. The hair extension would go extremely long if maintain the hair extensions. Some people just skip washing the hair extensions. These acts would not be a good thing for the length of hair extensions.

The person should use the hair extensions and wash the extensions correctly to avoid damage. Hair extensions require similar care just like normal hair. The ways of washing the hair extension would be extremely different as compared to the normal hair. The person should wash the hair extensions by taking small portions.

Many people do dampen the whole hair and wash it without any partition. This would cause big problems for the length of the extensions.

Why Do Tape In Extensions Last This Long?

Tape-in extensions can get tangles easily if the person would not handle them properly. Nobody should try to handle the tangles with a strong combing process or strong force. Managing the tangles is vital, but should be done correctly. There are many people that use a harsh combing process on the extensions, and this should be strictly avoided.

The person with hair extensions should take extra care of the hair. The hair extension needs to be sacred properly with a smooth combing process. Make sure to use a good comb that will help in avoiding hair damage. Many hair extensions (tape in) are heat comfortable, but some may come under the exceptional category.

Before you choose to use heat on your tape-in hair extension, it’s pivotal to talk to your hairstylist about it. There are some hair extensions that don’t support heat on hair. The hair extensions could be used during a heavy workout. The hair extension has extremely strong bonding that would not come out easily.

Swimmers can also use hair extensions while swimming, as hair extensions are extremely strong. The time of use for hair extensions can be increased by using proper techniques to take care of the extensions.


The hair extensions should be bought from the right brand. There are many brands that offer good hair extensions. Choosing a quality product would make it last for a long time. Try to go to a good salon that will do the hair extensions process professionally.



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