How Long Does It Take To Build A Pool (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Build A Pool (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Eight to Ten Weeks

Adding a pool to your home will not only provide you with a luxurious feel, but it would also make your summers enjoyable. Beat the ring temperature of the summer season by diving into your blue-filled pool. To cherish those moments, a swimming pool is required. It requires eight to ten weeks for building your pool.

The building process requires planning and construction. It will help in assuming the estimated time for each step of the pool building process. Start exploring the designs as per your vibe, size, shape, and hit the pool builder or contractor’s office.

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How Long Does It Take To Build A Pool?

Numerous key factors play an important role in the construction of the swimming pool. Some of them depend upon the contractor, builder, and administration. Building a pool has multiple steps.

Planning is the primary and vital step while constructing anything. Planning helps in giving the right direction to your vision, tells you the budget, and elaborates multiple steps of the construction. The preference of material, the little details about specific things, design.

All these things will help you while consulting with the pool builder. Without planning you cannot move forward. As soon as you begin to plan, things will go down one by one and provide more clarity to your vision as well as mission.

Generally building a pool requires a minimum of eight weeks and a maximum of ten to twelve weeks to complete the construction procedure. However, for large and complex pools, it may take four to five months or more than that depending upon the requirement and size of the pool.

The construction procedure of the pool has been divided into six different segments. This table will provide you with a little information about each segment along with its assumed time duration.

Construction Procedure Duration
Designing Pool Area1-4 weeks
Obtaining Permit2-6 weeks
Installation of Pool1 week
Electrical and Plumbing Work1-2 weeks
Plaster, Fiberglass1-3 weeks
Additional Features like Flooring and Landscaping1-3 weeks

Why Does It Take So Long To Build A Pool?

Building a pool is not a one-step process. There are so many events which take place one by one and finally build a pool. Go to a pool designer and tell him the details you have in your mind regarding your pool.

Designing a layout for the pool is the commencement of building a pool. There are some countries and cities where special permission is required from the administrative officials to build a pool. The duration for obtaining the license simply depends upon the protocols of the administration.

It varies from state to state and country to country. After receiving permission from the officials, the construction begins. It takes three to five days to prepare the ground and dig the land for the installation of the pool.

Once the land of the pool is dug, spreading steel, electrical and plumbing work takes place. Electrical work is required for the filtration system, music system, lighting designs, and other attractive pieces. The process duration depends upon the size of the pool and the availability of the labor.

Now the next step is to finally install the vinyl or fiberglass pool. As compared to the in-ground pool, it is a more simple and quick installation process. The pool is finally prepared, add some additional features like flooring, landscaping, custom lighting as per your taste of fashion.


On average, it takes eight to ten weeks to build a pool. Other than the construction procedure of the pool, many other factors affect the construction of a pool.

Climatic conditions, material that is going too used to build a pool, availability of the labor, time consumed by the additional custom features, permit to begin the construction at the site. These are the factors that can extend the construction duration. One can discuss the time consumption of these activities while planning but cannot predict the accurate time for the construction.


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