How Long Is AC Odyssey (And Why)?

How Long Is AC Odyssey (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 50 Hours To 55 Hours

On average, a normal video game is about a minimum of 20 hours to a maximum of 40 hours, however, when it comes to AC Odyssey, it is comparably quite long even if a person speed runs through the game without completing the extensions in the game.

When calculating the time for how long it would take to finish a game, there are many factors that are put under consideration. Some of the major factors are the playing experience of the player, the device in which the person is playing the book, and how the person is playing the game. The major factor that determines the time to complete AC Odyssey is the playing experience of the person who is playing the game.

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How Long Is AC Odyssey?

Playing Experience Of The PlayerTime
Beginner or rookie80 to 90 hours
Intermediate50 to 80 hours
Experienced or veteran30 to 40 hours

The playing experience of a player is majorly divided into 3 categories, that are, beginner, intermediate, and experienced.

A beginner player, or also known as a rookie is a player who is playing the game either for the first time or has recently started playing video games. Beginner players do not have much knowledge about playing video games and are completely unaware of how a game should be played. Moreover, a beginner would not even have any knowledge about the controls of the game. Therefore, it would take the longest time for a beginner player to finish AC Odyssey. On average, a beginner player would take about 80 hours to 90 hours to complete AC Odyssey.

A player with intermediate-level experience of playing video games would take a bit shorter span of time as compared to a rookie player to finish AC Odyssey. The reason behind that is because an intermediate player is more experienced than a beginner player and has more habitual to playing video games. On average, an intermediate would finish AC Odyssey in about a minimum of 50 hours to a maximum of 80 hours.

Lastly, an experienced player or also known as a veteran is someone who is highly experienced when it comes to playing video games, has extensive knowledge about video games, and is quite habitual at playing and even finishing games in a very short span of time. That is the reason why an experienced player would take the least time to finish AC Odyssey, that is, only about 30 hours to 40 hours.

Why Is AC Odyssey That Long?

Apart from the experience of the player, another factor that determines the time it would take to complete AC Odyssey is how the person plays the game. If a player is doing a speed run, that means, he or she is attempting to finish the video game as fast as possible to make a record-breaking time, then he or she can finish it in just 40 hours, or oven 30 hours.

However, on the other hand, if the person is following not just the main storyline, but also the extras that are in the game, it can even take about a minimum of 100 hours to a maximum of 130 hours as well to finish AC Odyssey.

According to stats and game officials as well, AC Odyssey has about 130 quests, each having its own specialties and challenges. If all of these quests are decided to be completed then it might take around 100 hours to finish the game. Apart from this, AC Odyssey has over 80 hours of extra activities which consist of unlocking achievements and completing tasks.

Whereas when all of these quests and extras are kept aside and the player focuses on playing only the main part of the game, then the average time is only about 42 hours to 45 hours.


AC Odyssey is a significantly long game for an average player with beginner to intermediate level experience of playing to get through. The main part of the game can be finished in 40 hours to 45 hours, whereas, playing the extra part can increase the time from up to 80 hours to 85 hours on average.


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