How Long Do The Colour Street Nails Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 10 days

The trend of nail paints is forever in. People out there are seen painting their nails in different colours. To apply nail paints need accuracy to get that perfection.

To make the work easy, colour street nails have come into play. These are sticks on’s that have to be applied to the nails. These are real nail polishes that have been dried and made into strip form for their easy application. These are instant and have no drying time. Hence, causes no mess at all.

Things have been said about these stick on’s that they are salon-quality manicure nail paints which consist of topcoat, colour coat, and base coat which are then provided combinedly in strip form. These strips come in countless patterns, colours, and finishes.

How Long Do The Colour Street Nails Last

How Long Do The Colour Street Nails Last?

It is said that these nail stickers can last for up to 10 whole days and even longer without chipping. In order to make the nails last for a longer time, there are some points to be kept in mind –

  1. The nail strips and hands should be at room temperature. This is because if the strips are too hot, they will become sticky and if they are kept at a colder place, they will become too hard for application.
  2. Pushing cuticles is a good option as it will help the strips to stay in close proximity with the cuticle.
  3. Filing the nails is a must. It will help the stick on’s to adhere well.
  4. Avoid getting in contact for at least one hour after application.

Taking care of the following tips increases the longevity of the nails to a long extent (at least a week). The following table shows the longevity of the nail stick on’s –

Condition Of NailsLongevity
1. Regular application10 days
2. Application with a topcoat17-20 days

Why Do Colour Street Nails Last For This Long?

Colour street nails stick on’s last for such a shorter duration of time because they are actual nails paints that have been dried for their easy application. If not used properly and immediately they become dry and stiff.

Since these sticks on’s are normal nail paints, their life span is also like nail paints only. As the regular nail paints get chipped after some time, the same thing happens with these nails too. They get dents after some time and do not look good at all.

There is an adhesive present on the back of these nails. This is a non-toxic adhesive that helps the stick on’s to get attached to the nails. Over time, this adhesive also degrades because of the day to day activities which involve the use of water on a high level and whatnot. Hence, the adhesive degrades and as a result, the stick-on’s may come off.


Colour street is a company that is famous for producing nail paint stickers that come in various designs, patterns and finishes. Some of the most common designs include solid colours. The stick on’s is 100% nail paints. Topcoat, base coat and colour coat are applied and dried and are converted into sticks ones that can directly be placed on the nails.

The easy and hustle-free application of this product is the reason why this product has gained so much popularity. The price range is highly affordable which makes it in reach of everyone.

Series of steps to follow while applying these nails include cleaning and preparing the nails, choosing the strips of choice, pushing the cuticles downwards, applying them on nails and then cutting and filing off the excess.

The average longevity of these nails is for 10 days but if care is taken, they may last for a longer period. It is to note that the adhesive of the colour street nails requires three hours to get cured completely. Hence, care must be taken for at least three hours so that they stay.


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