How Long Is Nier Automata (And Why)?

How Long Is Nier Automata (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 37 hours

Games of all sorts, both indoor and outdoor, are loved by people of all age groups. Some play games as a hobby, while others earn from it. Careers are formed with games and the world of gaming is a multi-million industry, producing revenue to both the developers and producers of the game. There are games of different genres and people, just like in every other thing in the world, have their choices.

Some people love playing video games and one such video game, which is still at the top of the list for many video game lovers, is the Nier: Automata, which is an action role-playing game. There are various reasons why people love playing the game. One of the main reasons why people like playing this game is because the total time taken to play all the styles is less than the duration taken to play just the main story of some games.

The game is very interesting on whole and can be played on various platforms. The time taken to complete the entire game can differ based on the platform used to play the game, yet on average, according to players, it takes about 36 to 38 hours to complete the whole game.

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How Long Is Nier Automata?

Main story21 to 22 hours
Main and Extras38 hours
All playstyles37 hours

The game Nier Automata is a sequel of the game Nier, which was released in 2010. Though Nier itself was a spin-off and sequel of the Drakengard series, Nier Automata was more successful than Nier. The game was developed by Platinum Games, published by Square Enix, and the whole development of the game involves the work and efforts of artists, programmers, designers, and even composers.

The director of the game is Yoko Taro and the game was programmed from start to finish by Ryo Onishi. The game was designed by Takahisa Taura and Isao Negishi. The game belongs to the series of Drakengard, along with its prequel, Nier. The game can be played on platforms like Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

The game belongs to genres like action role-playing, hack, and slash, and the game was first released on Playstation 4, followed by Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

The only drawback of the game is that the mode of the game is single-player. The game is set as a war between androids crafted by humans and machines created by aliens.

Why Is Nier Automata That Long?

The story of the game requires many playthroughs, and on the way, it unlocks many story elements, and it follows the trials of androids 9S, 2B, A2. The features of the game are similar to those of Nier.

Just like developing games, Nier Automata is updated constantly. It takes about 21 to 22 hours to complete the main story when played steadily. When the main story, along with the extras is played, it takes about 38 to 40 hours to complete, and then when the game is played as a competition, it will be played for around 63 to 64 hours, since there are many stages to complete. In total, it takes about 37 to 38 hours to finish the entire game.

The game has received an average rating of about 4.5 from game website reviews. The time taken to complete the game can differ based on the platform used to play the game.


The game, when played on PC, will take about 21 hours to complete, about 22 hours on PS 4, about 23 hours on PS 5. It takes lesser time to complete the game on Xbox, about 21 hours, and about 22 to 23 hours on Xbox Series X/S. The game is played more on PC and PS 4, than on other platforms, followed by Xbox One.

There are other reasons why the game is so popular. The game is full of adventures and quests to be completed, prizes to be won, and much more. The game is considered a masterpiece by many video game lovers because of its themes, the story, and the characters portrayed there. It is fun to play and great entertainment to kill time with.


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