How Long Is Days Gone (And Why)?

How Long Is Days Gone (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 35 – 40 Hours

Days Gone is an adventurous game developed by Sony Bend. The game is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and is directed by John Garvin and Jeff Ross. The game also has Darren Yager as its producer, John Hoffman as its programmer, and Nathan Whitehead as its composer as the main architects of the game.

The game was introduced to the public on 26 April 2019. Apart from having an adventurous storyline, the game can also be well described as a survival game with a horror plot and action elements. The game is available to play on platforms like Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows.


How Long Is Days Gone?

The game can be played in time formats as suitable to the gamer. It can be played at leisure, in rushed mode or at pace. A gamer should choose a gaming mode keeping in mind their time constraints.

The main story format of Days Gone takes about 36 hours and 30 minutes. However, it would take 28 hours in rushed format and 47 hours in leisure format.

The main story with the format of the extra plots of the game takes about 52 hours and 30 minutes approximately. It can be covered in a rushed time frame of about 35 hours and 86 hours in a leisure format.

Another prominent style of the game is the completionist format. It takes about 35 hours in rushed node and 105 hours when playing in leisure format. However, it takes about 65 hours and 30 minutes on average.

The All Playstyles format of the game takes about 52 hours to play. It can be played in 35 hours and 99 hours in rushed and leisure time respectively.

A clear and concise look at the above-given data is presented in the table below with the approximate time durations corresponding to its format.

Game FormatRushed TimeAverage TimeLeisure time
Main storyline28 hours36 hours 30 minutes47 hours
The main story with extra plots35 hours52 hours 30 minutes86 hours
Completionists52 hours65 hours 30 minutes105 hours
All playstyles35 hours52 hours99 hours

Why Is Days Gone So Long?

Days Gone is an adventure-themed game envisioned in an open world after the apocalypse. Thus, the game can be said to operate in a world of chaos and confusion.

The game is set somewhere in the pacific northwest. This game intends to tell the story from the perspective of Deacon St John. In other words, the gamer is in the position of this man and has to make decisions from this viewpoint.

Players would be required to explore the world. They have the option to either travel the world on foot or on a motorcycle. However, as the motorcycle cannot go on continuously without refueling, the gamer would have to regularly go for fuel stations.

Days Gone is not only about finishing main missions but there are also several additional missions. These missions get unlocked as the game progresses as the gamer can cross hurdles.

However, these additional missions help to reframe the age in certain formats. Days Gone is made available to the public in four formats. It can be played in its main storyline format and it can be added with certain extra plots to make another format. Apart from these, there are completionists and all playstyles format.


Days Gone is so large that it cannot be completed in a game of hours but in weeks and months. However, on average, completing a Days Gone game shall take up to 35 hours of playing. This would be different with different formats of the game in play, namely Main with Extra, Completionists and All Playstyles.

The game comes in the genre of adventure, horror, and survival. The gamer is in his position and has to complete the play while fighting ‘freakers’.


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